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ER02 - East Bank - Meadowhame Cottages

This place does not belong here.

This modern, gleaming set of wealthily developed houses is the very picture of 'rural chic' design, impractical, fireless houses without a chimney or, frankly, a brick to be seen in the lot of them, all snuggled up against the foothills of Mischance. Painted in a range of picturesque, modest pastels, they grow from the earth like queerly wooden wildflowers, siding pale, shingled roofs carefully complementary, and kept that way by means of the leases on the property. Each home has pretty shuttered windows, pretty beveled glass doors, pretty eaves, pretty yardspace, pretty shrubberies oh so auspiciously designed according to the latest in feng shui gardening, with acceptable walking paths neatly indicated by equally complementary pavers. Heaven forbid they should all be the same. Unique sameness predominates.

A single road leads through the development itself, snaking along in a broad S-curve to give each home its allotted perfect wedge of former meadow on its way both north and south. Bridge Street meets the curve of Meadow Road outside the carefully calligraphed, sign-marked Meadowhame Cottages, leading west toward the northern bridge over the river Tam.

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