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ER01 - East Bank - Meadowhame Playing Field

North of the Meadowhame developments, a small park has been neatly civilised out of the surrounding wilderness, meadow grasses securely fenced away from the unnatural carpet of lush green underfoot. That green is about the only natural thing left, aside from a handful of strategically placed shade trees, still young enough to prove the youth of the landscaping itself, located precisely where they can best serve as umbrellas for tasteful white-enameled bench-tables beneath them, adult-sized.

A jungle gym and slide, a massive swingset sure to give mothers heart palpitations, and a number of smaller play sets and seesaws provide all the entertainment the designer evidently believes a rambunctious child could need, carefully fenced off from the two broad playing fields on either side, facing away from the riverbank off to the west. Chain-link fencing marks one as a baseball diamond, home plate near the toys to be sure all balls are struck far away. The other has generic rope-netted goals with football add-ons rising from the top like queer antennae.

The road to Meadowhame leads off to the south, with a fairly small parking area; the drive is a matter of perhaps sixty seconds if one is slow.

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