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Freeholds on Fate's Harvest

As of game opening, there is only one player Freehold, but it is not the only Freehold in the area.

Players are welcome to decide their characters were once part of the other nearby 'holds, though that will have consequences.

If you have an idea for a far-away Freehold and would like to invite other players to share it in their backstory, please send up a +req/fae with the text you would like submitted here.

Nearby Freeholds

These Freeholds are those which are within a 50 mile radius of Tamarack Falls/Fort Brunsett.

Fate's Harvest

Founded in early 2015 by migrants from freeholds in Maine and Massachusetts, Fate's Harvest is a young and active group with the primary goal of gathering knowledge about the Fae, the Hedge and all other sources which could aid in the protection of both its own membership and other changelings in the world. For a price. Nothing comes for free.

Courts: Autumn, Dawn, Dusk, Moon, Spring, Summer, Sun, Winter
Crown Type: Seasonal+ (Dawn=Spring, Sun=Summer, Dusk=Autumn, Moon=Winter)
Internal Organization:
  • Council: Previous Crowns from every Court or, if unavailable/unwilling, Court-elected members who keep the Crown up to date on what the Courts are doing. Primary Court POCs.
  • Custodians: Lorekeepers and occultists. They use knowledge, Contracts and libraries to further the freehold's goals.
  • Greenies: Healers and herbalists. They use Contracts, goblin fruit and modern medicine to keep members alive and well.
  • Harvestmen: Combined militia and exploration group. They defend the freehold and study/map the territory around it.
  • Watchers: Oneiromancers and seers. They guard the dreams of the Freehold and watch for troubling omens.
  • Waykeepers: Guides and guestkeepers. They wield hospitality and maintain the Wayhouse for newcomers and guests.

The Soundless

To date, The Soundless has responded coolly to diplomatic overtures, but long-term residents in Tamarack Falls have relayed that the freehold was founded shortly after the Troubles which eradicated most of the changelings in the valley. They are located in Essex, just east of Burlington, ~25 miles west of Tamarack Falls.

This Freehold is currently restricted. Until certain plots have been completed, PC members, past or present, may not be played.

Courts: Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring, Dusk
Crown Type: Seasonal
Internal Organization:
  • Unknown

(Player-Submitted) Distant Freeholds

Your Freehold here! Use +req/fae to have your freehold added here!

Freehold Name

Freehold Description

Courts: List of courts accepted
Crown Type: What crowning pattern does it use?
Internal Organization: Any notable subgroups?