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The Eternal Echoes

The Eternal Echoes

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Historians and witnesses to the dangers and heroes the Lost.

  • Titles: Lord/Lady of Echoes, or The Eternals (collectively)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Eidetic Memory, Intelligence 3


A changeling with an interest in history/legends seeks out people to learn more, which brings her to the attention of the Eternals.


Pupils grow larger, until their eyes are entirely dark with no white or color. Their ears become more pronounced as well. There's also an aura of watchfulness about them.


These are people who have strong positive memories of their human lives. More importantly, though, they have to be willing to put ones' self in danger to witness and remember the Lost's history.


There are several types of Echoes. Those who witness court/political events are Court Attestant. Those who witness battles are Martial Correspondents. Those who pay attention to important events are Historians, while those who focus on people are Biographers. Those who travel to witness rites or ceremonies are Sacramentists.


Perfected Memory They can spend a point of Glamour and Willpower during any scene to store it perfectly in their mind.

Perfected Memory Transferal Any scene which has been memorized using Perfected Memory can be transferred to another member of the order, as long as both are willing.


C. J. Grillo

C. J. Grillo
aka Grillo
Dawn Darkling

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