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The Adjudicators of the Wheel

The Adjudicators of the Wheel

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Judges of fate who task themselves with making sure that the worthy get success, and the unworthy fail.

  • Titles: Judges
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Contracts of the Hearth 2, Investigation 3


Adjudicators are very cautious about who they allow to join. If someone asks to join, their whole life may be examined. If the potential isn't subtle enough or too partial, they deny them outright. Otherwise, the applicant is subjected to a series of tests, where he has to study situations and identify the best people to aid or hinder. After, the Adjudicators meet and vote, and a two-thirds majority is required.


They tend to dress simply and in clothes that help conceal details like heavy coats and hats. Their eyes never match, usually one turning blue and the other grey. Their left hand tends to become more lined and worn looking.


They all tend to have two general beliefs. First is that life isn't fair, second is that it should be. They often come from the Winter court, though others sometimes join.


There are tribunals within a freehold, made up usually of five judges, but some have three or seven. Occasionally Judges are relocated to different freeholds in order to help coordinate their efforts.


Fortune's Wheel They can shift luck when they use Contract of the Hearth. In effect, they "store" an activation of the Contract with an effect opposite to the one originally provided.

Stored activations:

  • Fickle Fate: grants a +4 bonus.
  • Favored Fate: applies a -2 penalty.
  • Beneficent Fate: downgrades the subject's next exceptional success into a standard success.
  • Fortuna's Cornucopia: causes target to lose 10-again and have any 1s rolled deducted from successes on a single roll.
  • Triumphal Fate: causes a single extended action to end disastrously, with a dramatic failure on the first roll for an extended non-resisted action.

HR Adjudicators may use Hearth clauses at range. They are no longer limited to physical contact with their target.


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