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Satrapy of Pearls

Satrapy of Pearls

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Hedonistic merchants who all things, even abstract concepts, as being potentially for sale. They frequently take a fancy to random items that they will exchange anything to obtain.

  • Titles: Satrap, Pearl Satrap
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Persuasion 2, Mantle (Spring) 2


A changeling must prove themselves worthy to join. They have to gain an audience with a member, and must accept a challenge of commerce. Generally they have to acquire something from someone. It cannot be stolen, but bought somehow.


Satraps dress well to project a sense of luxury. Their mien usually shows impeccable grooming. Perfect hair, nails,s kin. Their eyes become pearlescent.


Some are narcissistic power-mongers. But also there are those who have been poor and outcast.


Generally there is little in the way of formal organization, and members can operate alone or together. The exceptions for this are an auction held at the beginning of Spring, and at the end of Spring, the Satraps meet to brag and have a sort of show-and-tell.


Avaricious Finesse When joining, a new Satrap may take a new Social Skill Specialty, but it must be possessed by one of the other local Satraps.

HR - Satraps have an almost supernatural sense of relative value, and infallibly know the worth of an item for sale/being traded. This includes living creatures and people. In mechanical terms, they know the dot levels, and how many of Item A would balance out the dots of Item B. See the Goblin Markets book as a guideline.


Reginald Pook

Reginald Pook
aka Rainier
Spring Wizened

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