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Abuse Policies

  • Abuse - First off, let's define abuse.
1. the improper use of something.
2. cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.

Self-explanatory. Don't do it. If you're caught, you will be punished.

Playing on Fate's Harvest is a privilege, not a right. You aren't paying for it, and staff is not getting paid to run it for you.
As 'home' owners, we are within our rights to kick you out if you're disruptive. We don't WANT to, but we're prepared to if we have to.

  • Abuse Definitions - These are the general guidelines for levels of abuse.
1. Small rule: something which does not have a great impact on other players.
e.g. cheating on hedgefruit gathering, joining channels you don't have a right to join.
2. Bad behavior: behaving in ways which significantly detract from the fun of others. This is the fuzziest of the three, and the most open to interpretation.
When in doubt, page the other player to get their consent if you aren't sure. Log the scene and their consent, or, if especially paranoid, +request to open a +job and have them state their consent there, so staff has proof that no abuses were committed. Even if you're great friends, there are more players than staff, and having that +job on record will help if someone down the line suddenly hears about the story and leaps to the wrong conclusions.
e.g. harassment, bullying, persecution.
3. Big rule: major rules relating to game policies, resources and extreme negative behavior. These are the most likely to get you banned.
e.g. breaking alt limits, repeatedly abusing bugs instead of reporting them, repeated harassment of others etc.