The Hedge Wardens

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The Hedge Wardens

Entitlement HedgeWarden.png

Nobles that seek to tame the local hedge, slay dangers from the Hedge, and keep the Trods open so that the Lost can escape Arcadia.

  • Titles: Warden, Lord or Lady (leader)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Investigation 2, Occult 2


Sometimes membership is offered directly, but generally a changeling needs to compete for the honor of joining before being trained and tested. First they journey into the Hedge with another Warden, spending a week there. Second the recruit and their allies are sent to destroy a local hedgebeast and recover something from it. Then they have to swear two oaths.


Weapons and armor take on a faint metallic sheen, which gradually covers all of their clothes, hair, then their skin.


Military backgrounds are common, and many were in positions of authority. Police are also common, while the primary Courts are Summer or Autumn.


There is a strict organization. Bottom rung are the cadets, who have yet to join. At the top is the Hedge Lord or Hedge Lady who gives orders as needed. There are also loremasters, quartermasters and speakers.

Local Leader:

  • None (PC who wants to run events/make plots? Go for it! Ask staff.)


Heart of Iron When a Warden is targeted by magic that applies a penalty or has her roll her Wyrd, her Wyrd is effectively +1 for it.

HR - Hedge Wardens are particularly observant in their own territory. Gain the effects of the Danger Sense merit when in a section of Hedge they have claimed for their own patrols. If the merit is already on their sheet, they gain an additional +1 to their rolls, making the total bonus a +3.



Hien Almas
aka Hien
Autumn Beast

Entitlement Logs

None yet.