The Family of Silent Nights

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The Family of Silent Nights

Dreamtrappers. They watch dreams for intrusion by the true fae, and can bind almost any oneiropomp in the physical world.

  • Titles: Brother or Sister
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 4, Contract of Dreams 2, Empathy 2


The Family is very cautious about who they take. Generally a candidate will accomplish a feat of oneiromancy to get drawn to the Family's attention. Once the Family thinks a person is worthy of approaching, the candidate has a horrifying dream unleashed on them and they have to withstand it.


Their appearances go toward creating an aura of mystery. Their eyes are dark and shadowed, even in bright lights.


There is always an interest in dreams, and most have experienced the dangers of dreams. Many had durances related to dreams or nightmares.


The Family gathers in an area, searching for signs of Fae infestations. The young members are called Brothers or Sisters, while the older members are Mothers or Fathers. There are at most only two Parents in a freehold, but usually just one. Some claim that there are Grandparents, but that's rumor.


Dream-Prison The Family can craft a prison that uses the normal rules for Dreamweaving, except this is a hole where a dream can fall.

HR - Gain a +2 on all Empathy-related rolls to manipulate dreams. This bonus does not apply to Empathy rolls outside of dreams.


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Entitlement Logs

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