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Size Chart

For purposes of estimating what Sizes certain items would be, please use the chart below. As you can see, in customary White Wolf fashion, the numbers are broad, overlap, and are as inconsistent as one would expect.

Size 0 Pebble, Paperclip, Gravel, Paintball, Sand, Hair, Leaf
Size 1 Infant, Pistol, Revolver, Small SMG, Sap, Knife, Small ax, Stake, Chain, Grenade, Bat (animal), Ball, Earplugs, Light mount, Speedloader, Suppressor, Binoculars, Bug sweeper, Tracking device, Wi-Fi sniffer, Wiretap, Handcuffs, Caltrops, Claw hammer, Screwdriver, Bottle, Razor blade
Size 2 Sword, Baseball bat, Steel bar, Large SMG, Shotgun, Club, Mace, Rapier, Katana, Whip, Cat, Raven, Skateboard, Bipods, Gunsmithing Kit, Sighting tools, Telescopic gun sights, Disguised camera, Survival Kit, Jaw trap, Belt sander, Blow torch, Nail gun, Power drill, Fire extinguisher, Pipe bomb, Molotov, Owl, Snake, Ferret
Size 3 Human Child, 2”x4” Board, Manhole cover, Average window, Rifle, Assault rifle, Crossbow, Greatsword, Large ax, Flail, Morning star, Scooter, Cricket Bat, Superior survival kit, Projectile trap, Chainsaw, Shovel, Sledgehammer, Artillery shell
Size 4 Wolf, Spear, Cabinet, Chair, Crate, Chain-length fence, Great ax, Zweihander, Trident, Dog, Polygraph, Post-hole digger, Scythe, Fire hose, Missile launcher, Flame thrower
Size 5 Adult human, Door, Dirt bike, Reloading bench, NBC suit, Deadfall trap, Snare trap
Size 6 Giant human, Gorilla, Coffin, Steel fence, Bicycle, Sport bike, Kayak, Jet Ski
Size 7 Grizzly Bear, Motorcycle, Horse, Canoe
Size 8 Bank vault door, Steel lamp post, Clydesdale, Subcompact car, Inflatable boat, Day Sailer
Size 9 Compact car, Hippo, Forklift, Fishing boat
Size 10 Sports car, White rhino
Size 12 Midsized sedan, Police Interceptor
Size 13 Jeep
Size 14 Full-size Car, Police Cruiser, Light pick-up truck, Power boat
Size 15 SUV, Pick-up truck, Minivan, Stunt plane, Glider
Size 16 Elephant, Full-size van
Size 17 Military tactical truck, Delivery van, Armored truck, Observation helicopter
Size 18 18-wheeler w/o trailer, Recreational vehicle, Excavator, IFV, Racing boat, Single engine light aircraft
Size 19 Limousine, Steamroller, APC, Jump jets
Size 20 Dump truck, SUV limousine, Medium truck, Bulldozer, Battle Tank, Yacht, Service helicopter, Air superiority fighter jet, Jet trainer
Size 21 Bus, Semitrailer, Twin engine light aircraft, Attack helicopter
Size 22 Ground attack fighter jets, Gunship helicopter
Size 23 Houseboat
Size 24 Tour bus
Size 25 Tractor-trailer rig, Racing Yacht, Business Jet, Transport helicopter
Size 30 Light transport aircraft
Size 35 Airliner
Size 40 Heavy transport aircraft