Master Accounts

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Master Accounts

Just what are these things?

A Master Account is an object in game to which all of your alts are linked, using a particular password you generate upon its creation.

This both enables staff to track which slots are in use for alt purposes and enables you as a player to share your pool of Arcade Tickets amongst all of your selves, so alts who aren't played as often can still have the benefit of you being an active player elsewhere.

      NOTE: If you do not have a +account, you do not get arcade tickets, you do not get xp beyond the 1 weekly default for approved characters, and you cannot SPEND your xp via +xps.


To access your Master Account in game, type: +account

This will bring up the overview listing for the +account to which that character is linked.

That information includes all associated characters with:

  • Master Account #
  • Arcade Tickets (unspent/spent/total)
  • Approval Status (cg = chargen, ap = approved, fr = frozen)
  • Starting Tier (what you are tracked by)
  • Current Tier (what you have earned)
  • Name of the Character
  • Unspent/Spent/Total XP per alt
  • Template
  • Unread mail per alt

Help! I forgot my password!

That could be problematic.

Staff is limited in terms of how they can verify player identities. No one wants to go around asking for birth certificates or photo ID, which leaves IP addresses and all of the vagaries therein.

If your IP does not match the IP of characters regularly played on the +account, staff can't prove you are the player who created it, which means they may or may not be able to help you.

Send up a +request for support if you ever need help!