Magistrates of the Wax Mask

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Magistrates of the Wax Mask

Entitlement magistrates of the wax mask.png

Self-styled organizers of Changeling society.

  • Titles: Magistrate (though internal titles are used)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3


Officially, those who wish to join can, without tests or trials. However, some current Magistrates can freeze out potential candidates. Or try to.


Many dress professionally and humbly. The main change in the mien is the oozing mask that they may don.


There are two main types who join the Magistrates. Those who are bound to duty and want to work for the freehold, or those looking for opportunities.


There is a strict three-tiered organization within this entitlement.

  • Quaestors: The lowest rung, they deal with the 'boring' stuff/drudge work.
  • Curule Aedile: These are the ones who meet regularly with the courts, acting as liaisons/planners. The public face.
  • Magister Equitum: This is a single Changeling. This is the head of the local Magistrates.

Local Leader:

  • Sara Cerato (NPC) - Magister Equitum - Spring Fairest Flowering/Waterborn


Waxen Violet (2 dot token) This is a small purple flower and preserved in wax. This gives off a pleasing aroma that lingers around the magistrate. Those within 50 yards perceive the Magistrate as humble and trustworthy.

HR - One wouldn't like to be labeled a busybody or a bully, no no; once per day, a Magistrate may apply a +3 bonus to a Persuasion roll meant to bring someone around to their point of view through humble suggestions and delicate tact.


Nobody found.

Entitlement Logs

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