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Hiring a Thug

Corentyn and Ben


A random meeting at the Wayhouse ends up with a job offering to Corentyn. Ben offers the huge man a undercover job at the hotel as repairman/groundskeeper while he works for the Utridge family as a thug.


MTO7, Wayhouse

The front door opens and the signs of Autumn spread around. They're many and strong heralding the arrival of a powerful member of its Court. First sign is the cracking of an invisible raven and then the smell of burnt leaves and, finally the candles that appear on all surfaces. A couple seconds later and a intimidating looking mature man comes inside. He glances around calmly before taking his coat off and putting it over a chair as he gets into the living room."Hello? Anybody home?" He asks around.

Corentyn seated on the couch large hands between his legs. Wearing a tshirt and some worn jeans. Sturdy hiker boots. Seated he still quite large, approximately 6'9 while standing, small scales covers him, specially large over his knuckles and hands. He looks to Ben and offers a nod. "I think there is some staff in kitchen and upstairs" motioning with a hand but not all to much, not wanting to knock anything over. A much lighter mantle of Spring around him which is easily overwhelmed by the Autumn one.

Ben turns to face the big man and grins."Thanks. I'm Ben Utridge, by the way." He says as he offers his right hand to a shake. If taken the hand feels artificial instead of being flesh. It's made of complete darkness and is cold to the touch."Are you a newcomer, Mr?" He asks a moment later as he sits in a armchair close to the sofa. He then unbuttons his suit and crosses his legs in a very elegant way.

Corentyn stands up to his full height to take the hand, which was a -very- large hand. A very gentle grip was offered "Ehm Diggs, Corentyn Diggs. Yeah new in town... looking to swear to freehold.. here grab some grub. Looking for work... getting to know people... you know.." his hands are scaley inside softer then the outside scales which seems almost like armor.

"Corentyn? Nice name. What kind of job are you looking for? Maybe I can help. I'm assistant manager at the Red Clover Hotel. It's a family business and we're always looking for more staff. Specially now that winter is finally ending." The smaller man says gently.

Corentyn smiles "Ehm well, I can carry things, lift things... break things, very easily... I know abit how to defend myself... don't have all to many skills that be all to useful.. mining is certainly not a thing here in town I heard so.. but yeah physical work really since.. not skilled or schooled.."

Ben narrows his eyes just slightly and ponder for a while."The hold could have a repairman. Doubling as a Groundskeeper, maybe? What do you think? Can you learn the basic about reparing things and tending the land?" He offers as he joins his hands together over his lap calmly.

Corentyn nods "I mean I am not against it but I am pretty certain I will break more things then repairing them... fine manipulation is not exactly my strong suit" holding up his hands. "Dig a ditch.. knock down a building.. reduce a car to scrap.. now that I can do. But I can certainly make a try if someone can show me how"

"I can teach how to do it." Ben says and then hesitates for a second. Then he slides to the edge of his chair and lands his both feet on the ground spreading his legs to the side. That gives him a more gang member look."That'd be just a cover up, you know." He starts lowering his voice just a bit."My family is need of some bodyguards. Intimidating bodyguards. Like you. Our activities are not so obvious like the Alexanders', neither so risky, but sometimes things get a little bit of the trail and a strong man like would have an easy taking put it all back into trail." He then grins with a mischievous look."Could you do that?"

Corentyn tilts his head "I can do body guard, I know how to take down an attacker, firearms is abit of an issue. But we can certainly try" nodding slowly "I don't know any families here in town... so Alexanders is one, and yours?"

Ben grins in satisfaction now and returns to his previous, and way more ellegantly, position."This city has a group of founding families. Most of them are rich, other not so much, but all are very well known among citizens. The Alexanders is just one of these families. Mine is another. We're the Utridge. Our main income as a family is the hospitality sector. We own the Red Clover Hotel." He explains calmly.

Corentyn nods "Ah alright, well I am certainly open for job oppertunities. If there is not alot of handguns around... we could probably handle most situations and people. Specially normals" looking to his hands and putting his left in his right and cracking his knuckles with a lightly sickening and loud bonecrunching sound.

Ben smiles to that display of strength."I'm pretty sure it'll never come to this so you don't need to worry about guns. Most people give up when they see someone as intimidating, big and muscled as you." He says to the other man."My family don't deal with the supernatural, by the way, so you don't need to worry about that." Then he nods and grins once more."Do you drink? We should celebrate that with a proper scotch. Or maybe beer?"

Corentyn nods "Yeah I drink scotch is nice... beer works as well" not seeming bothered by either. Smiling broadly. "Well I got more then just my size, I do know how to bring someone to the floor and get in a proper lock. Or.. or dislocate or break a limb or two.... it comes.. rather easy, after spending most of my life punching rock.."

Ben nods to that and there is satisfaction into his bright yellow eyes."Nice. I'll keep those skills in mind in case I need them at some point in the future, Corentyn." He says and then looks around as if he was looking for someone."Gru? Where are you? Bring us that bottle of scotch and two glasses." He says and just when he shuts down an ugly, skinny and very poorly clothed Hobgoblin pops in the room from thin air. It clumsly runs for the kitchen just to come back with all the items asked."Make it double for me." Ben says and the creatures serves him a double cowboy before turning to the huge man without looling him into the eyes and serving him some scotch too. Once done, the creature runs and hides behind Ben's armchair."So. Lets celebrate our new partneship!" Ben says and lifts his glass as he totally ignores the whole servant's show.

Corentyn raises his glas with a smile "To a new oppertunity" holding the glass very gently in his hand almost having to cup it in the ball of his hand not wantint to apply any force on it.

Ben grins and sips all his drink at once."So. Do you have a shorter version of your name? Not complaining, but it's a complicated name, you know." He asks as he lands the empty glass on the side table idly. A second later and Gru is refilling it with more scotch as if he was reading his master's mind.

Corentyn smiles "Some call me Core.. or Coren, which kinda works really" shrugging not seeming all to worried about it. "Big guy or scaley I prefer abit less" sipping his scotch carefully "Mmm this is good"

"Core will work, then." Ben says as he retrieves his glass, that's now filled again, and sips from it. This time he sips briefly, enjoying the amber liquid."Do you need a place to stay too? Staff can live in the hotel if they don't have anywhere else to go."

Corentyn nods "Currently living at the schoolhouse... and I do have a roommate and she been supporting me while I not had much of a job.. so" seeming to ponder and sipping his scotch slowly

"Okay. I'll need to see you at the hotel tomorrow for the paperwork and some measures, I'm pretty sure we'd have trouble finding you a suit in a store. Can you do it?" Ben asks looking just slightly worried about the other man's reaction.

Corentyn looks to him "Find a suit? ehm... might.. not sure but also do not exactly have that amount of cash.. ehm perhaps an advance?" looking to him "I know I am big and its going to require like a tailor or something... and that is not usually cheap" an appologetic look on his face as he watches Ben.

Ben waves it off and smiles."No worried. The suit will be on the house. It's your uniform. You don't have to pay for it. But if you need money, I can give it to you tomorrow. What about 1 thousand dollars? Does that work?"

Corentyn blinks "Uh... yeah sure.... that sounds good... alot of money" nodding somewhat "But I certainly can put it to good use. Ehm... so that a loan or.... ehm... what?"

"No loan. Call it a gift. It's the minimum I can make for another Lost. I'm giving it to you myself. The hotel doesn't need to know about it." Ben says sipping from his drink slowly.

Corentyn nods "Ok understood" finnishing his scotch of smiling broadly. "Still trying to learn about the town and its people. The people here are very supportive, Poppy was going to check if Alchemy needed some security, and she mentioned Widget might need some help too." nodding slowly "Its been very nice comming by here"

"Yeah. It's a very supprotive community." Ben says and finishes his drink landing it on the side table again but just when the servant was about to refill the glass, the Autumn courtier gestures him to not do it."Now I need to get back to the hotel, Core. I'll see you there tomorrow. Call me if you need anything in the mean time." He says as he stands up and retrieves a greeting card from his suit's pocket that he offers to the huge man. The card has his full name, the hotel address and a phone number."Have a good day." And with that, the man, the servant and the powerful Mantle leave the room calmly returning it to its mundane state of quietness and calmness.

Corentyn smiles "You too." looking to the card and putting it away "Will see you then and there" nods slowly, looking to the hobgoblin curiously. "And thank you"