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Custodians Meeting: June 2017

"I got some information!"


Aaron, Gisa, Gina, Max, Logan, Ashe


The Custodians meet for the month of June and they gain a new recruit.


The Whelan Chronicle

It's that time of the month again, time for the Custodians meeting. As per the usual, the conference room of the Whelan Chronicle is where the meeting is being held. Ashe is seated at the conference table with an open ledger in front of her with an old fountain pen that she's scribing words into. Uvall, the little vampire bat, is wrapped around the pen and makes little 'weeee' sounds as Ashe's pen writes. There are drinks and food out on the side table in the room for anyone to partake in.

Logan is one of the first people here, because it's good to be on time. He's wearing a white blazer over a soft blue V-neck t-shirt and jeans, white low-top Converse on his feet. Summery and easy. A bright smile is given to Ashe as he breezes his way inside. "Good afternoon, Ashe. Great to see you again." He grabs a bottle of water and goes to sit down next to her, that smile maintained as he eyes up Uvall.

"Shalom." Settling in, Gisa wraps her hands around her thermos of coffee, leaning easily on the side of the chair in which she is settled. "Alonso is watching the shop; I will take notes to him," she explains, tipping her chin up to the others in greeting.

Gina was on time enough and by enough we mean not on time but not keeping everyone waiting. THe green-grey woman with the large black eyes, the black pixie cut, and the tiny stub antennae that looked like she fell out of a Jetsons cartoon walked inside tentively with her messenger bag over her shoulder frosting the glass just a bit as she passed. Hey it was cold in space. Seeing the other Lost a hand lifted and she let herself in

Max is one of the last few people to arrive, though she's definitely not late! Making her way inside, she takes a curious glance around to see who has arrived. The enchanted mortal is dressed in her usual casual attire, an unbuttoned flannel shirt with a tank top underneath, denim shorts, and sneakers. Her messenger bag hangs from her shoulder and her hair is worn down in loose curls. A hand lifts to wave to all before she makes her way over to sit by Logan, greeting the Fairest with a warm smile. Then she glances to Ashe, quietly telling her, "I have some information to bring up about something I discovered over the weekend. But. It can wait until we get through normal Custodian business first," she says with a nod.

Ashe gives a nod of greeting to everyone and there's a lift of her hand and a wave, "Good evening. Good to see everyone again." she tells them. "If everyone can have a seat, the meeting probably won't be that long this evening, I just wanted to touch base as a group and see if anyone needed help with anything." she states. When Gina comes in, there's a bit of a look to her, the silver striations in her eyes ticking up a bit, "Welcome, are you here about joining up or needing Custodian assistance, Miss?" she asks Gina in a friendly tone. Then she looks to Max and she gives a nod to the young woman, "Surely. Things should go pretty quickly." she admits. Then there's a look back to Gina.

Logan glances over at Gina with some curiosity, having never seen her before, but she gets a smile just like everyone else. The light from his mien shines softly, not too distracting right now, his shadow slightly dimming the brightness. He glances over at Max with some curiosity when she mentions having some information, but stays silent for now, otherwise.

The golem, it seems, hasn't got a lot to offer right now, and since she doesn't have anything to say, Gisa doesn't. Instead she sits, waits, drinks her coffee. Gisa's head bobs slightly in agreement as she listens.

Gina looked To Ashe and then the others all looking at her. Funny enough as public as she was there was something about Winters sort of hating direct notice that she found weird too. After a moment she said casually, "OH um, Hi. G.D. Garreau. Gina. Hazel and Charlie O. sent me over. I thought maybe I might put my skillset to use for the group if you had use of it." Even here there was an oblique address to using actual jargon.

There is a sound that comes from the corner of the room. It's faint at first, but it sounds like air or sound being sucked in from someplace. Like when your ears hit that high altitude on a plane (or for those older -- the flying metal bird in the sky). From a corner where the shadows are the darkest, a foot comes, then hand. In a faint poping sound, Aaron steps out. He offers a nodding of his head in greetings to everyone. "Hope I am not too late. Decided to take a bit of a shortcut given the distance between me and here." His lanky feline companion sitting tagging right alongside him.

Ashe gives a bit of a smile when she sees Aaron sort of coalesce from the darkness, "Always for the dramatic entrance, Aaron." she tells him. "Come and have a seat." she motions the Librarian forward. Then she turns her attention back to Gina, "What skill set are you wanting to use, Gina?" she asks her. She didn't know Gina, so it was good to find out! "And have a seat, this isn't an interrogation. So please be comfortable." she motions to her.

Logan offers Aaron a smile, but he's polite enough to remain quiet as Gina presumably gives her intro. He uncaps the bottle of water and takes a thoughtful swig. It's not really Logan's smile to be completely quiet for a meeting, so no doubt he'll pipe up with something to say later.

Max offers a subtle wave to Aaron as he enters, a friendly smile flashed his way. Then she looks curiously toward Gina, her head tilting to the side as she watches the newcomer. There's apparent interest in her bright blue eyes as she studies over her, remaining quiet as she simply listens for now.

At being given the go ahead business casual it was. The messenger bag was unshouldered and she took a seat and kept the answer simple and succinct. "I'm an investigative journalist and I was a technical research assistant for a number of years. Focus on anthropology of non-indigenous species Class A1-8." Whatever that seemed to entail. But there it was. She was finished and not one to stand on ceremony and had nothing further to interrupt with unless there were other questions.

Aaron takes up a water bottle and nods once more to Ashe. "I do like to make my grand entrances," he offers with a smile. He then makes his way to a seat near Max--but gives a seat between both of them out of respect if anything. His cat on the other hand, gives little care and sits in the middle of both individuals.

Ashe gives a grin to Gina, "Sounds like you'll fit in just fine with us then. You don't mind starting off as a recruit and going through a few missions with our other members, do you?" she asks Gina as she looks to her. There's a look to the cat of Aaron's and then she's looking back to the Winter.

Logan glances over at Aaron's cat and smiles, but most of his focus is on Gina. His hands are intertwined as he watches her, head slightly tilted, like she is an interesting sort of novelty. And she is a novelty in so much as she is new.

Gina sat, the tiny bulb ends of her tiny Martian antennae glowing faintly as she processed the offer but shook her head. "Reporters run at danger not fron it. Nothing interesting happens at home. I'll go. I mean I'm no Hedge Warden but I'm familiar enough to not get eaten or impaled or vivesected," she seemed to have a catalog stored in her brain somewhere of the million ways to die in the hedge. Finally she jsut nodded. "Yes, m'am."

Ashe gives a smile to that, "We do, yes." she chuckles to Gina. "Welcome to the Custodians, Gina. We'll get you settled in over the next few days." she states. Then there's a look to Max, "What do you have for us?" she asks her with a smile.

After listening to Gina, Max gives a glance toward Ashe. There's a nod of acknowledgement as she's addressed, then she moves to her feet so that she can better address the rest of the Custodians. "So, this is more of a heads up than a call for action. Currently. That can and more than likely will change with time, though," the mortal prefaces. A small pause for breath then she continues.

"A little bit ago, myself and some of the other mortals of the Freehold got invitations to a club opening. It occurred this weekend. Other mortals not affiliated with the Freehold were there as well and, as far as I can tell, not a single Changeling was present. Anyways. Things started out normally enough. A game was played where the winner got a mysterious prize. A woman by the name of Franklyn Garreau was the winner. Things continued to be mundane until the actual prize was announced. Part of it being a "month-long retreat to Arcadia"."

A faint frown tugs at her lips. "So, I warned the woman as subtly as I could not to take the prize. If anyone knows her, I would suggest keeping an eye on her because she might be a target now. I plan on gathering the other mortals that were there, Alex and Beatrice, to look into the matter. The people hosting the party were mortal too, but, they are probably working for a Loyalist or a Keeper directly. I have no idea yet whether this is willingly or not. So. Yeah. We'll keep you guys updated on what's going on and call you in when we need you. For now, I suggest you guys stay out in case they're able to see meins and such might raise suspicions that we're on to what they're doing."

If Aaron had a monocle and a cup of Earl Gray, his eye-glass would've dropped in his spot of tea. "A...month-long retreat to Arcadia?" A pause, "Is it all inclusive? Like meals and booze free," he says with a snerk.

"I am asking questions to clarify, and not because I do not believe you," begins the golem from her seat; she's been quiet, drinking her coffee, listening. "You received targeted invitations, to you specifically, and to other mortals only, and only those affiliated with the Freehold?" Gisa taps her ceramic fingers against the metal outside of her thermos; it's a musical sort of chiming, that. "How did you receive your invitation this event? Is it a physical item? I assume if it was you would already have tried for information you can get from it."

Ashe's eyes go jet black as Max speaks. She lets her finish though, "What in the ever loving fuck?" the woman breathes out. Then she takes a breath, "I understand that you guys want to handle this on your own, but if things start to get weird, call us in. We can hide our Miens temporarily. And I don't need to be seen if you can get them out in an open space or by a window." she states in a cold tone. "That's just worrisome...because we don't know if this is the first time its been done before. Others might have already been taken." she frowns. Then she looks to Gisa as she speaks and there's a nod, "You've got that handy look at the past thing, Maximus." she tries to smile as she looks back to the young woman, but there's a lot of concern in her eyes.

"Welcome aboard, Gina." Logan extends his brilliant smile in the alien Lost's direction, but then he is raptly listening to friend Max. "Franklyn Garreau, the theater owner?" Logan knows her, apparently. "That's truly disturbing, Max. Why didn't you tell us all about this before, though?" The look on his face is pleasant and inviting, not stern. It's an easygoing question. He glances to Gisa and says, "She said there were non-affiliated mortals there. Franklyn Garreau is non-affiliated, as far as I know." He looks to Ashe and nods. "Personally, I think we should be involved sooner rather than later. If not us, then the Harvestmen."

Gina warmed a smile to say thank you which came out in teh nod but the Martian paused and looked at Max, "What the ever living shit?" Very eloquent. She said that with a tonal pinkie extended on that one. She looked up and furrowed her brow and looked, non-plussed, "Yeah that's my cousin Frankie. I can call her. Did they hand her something, Ms. Max?"

Aaron raises a long, Count Orlock-esque finger, "One quickish question: why did she say what she said? What was this individuals motivation to offer this as any sort of reward, prize, or otherwise."

Max decides to answer the questions in the order that she receives them. First she glances to Gisa and shakes her head. "In a room full of people, only three of us were associated with the Freehold. Haruki received one as well but he didn't attend. The invitation was just a little black card basically. And yes, we tried to get information from it but it led nowhere significant." Then she looks over to Ashe and nods. "Like I said, the few of us that were there are going to try to handle as much of it as we can before we fully call you guys in. We obviously need more information before we decide exactly what to do." Then she raises a brow at Logan. "What do you mean? I didn't know the club invitation was anything weird before that prize was announced at the very end. And I did tell /you/ about the invitation," she points out, narrowing her brows slightly at him. "This only happened a couple of days ago and I brought it up here." There's a small frown given to the Fairest.

"I don't know yet. That's one of the things that we plan on figuring out as soon as we can," Max tells Aaron. "I briefly read the mind of the man involved. It was a couple hosting it. His thoughts seemed normal at the time that I read them, which was admittedly before the end of the party."

"This is why I restate and confirm and clarify," Gisa answers Logan in her monotone; the shin on her forehead glows its usual ruddy orange, and she taps her fingertips on the thermos in a rhythmic pattern, as if there's a song playing in her head or something. She listens to the information relayed and nods simply. "If someone can talk to items in a different way than yours -- Nana was helpful on the murders, her information complemented yours. I do not know if any Custodians have this ability. Something to keep in your back pocket, as the saying goes."

"You didn't tell me much, Max," Logan says with a smile. "I think you all were too independent-minded about this matter. This is a small community with an above-average number of Lost. But it doesn't matter, in the end. You did the right thing by telling us about it now." That's supposed to be reassuring. He looks to Gisa next and nods. "Excellent idea, Gisa. Max," he says again, suddenly, "did the hosts explain to Franklyn what or where Arcadia is? Did she accept it like she was going anywhere else?"

Ashe nods her head in agreement with Gisa, "Nana is good at that, yes." she states. "Just...keep us updated. If you need me to do some spy work unseen, please just let me know." she offers Max. Then she frowns a touch, "Well, if Franklyn is uninitiated, we need to make sure we keep an eye on her and protect her from getting taken to Arcadia." she admits. "Might be a good idea to keep an eye on all of them that were there." she admits. "Do you want me to tell Byron, Max?" she asks her.

"I don't talk to items. Someone else handled that. I'll ask her how it works when I talk to her next," Max replies to Gisa. Then again it's Logan who catches her attention next, frowning a bit more at him. "I didn't have anything to tell you at that time than what I did. I gave you all the information I had at the time, which was barely anything." There's a moment where she might say more but holds her tongue instead. She simply shakes her head at him then continues on with providing information she has. "No, nothing was explained about Arcadia. She accepted a small item that controls the car though apparently," she says, a small nod to Gina as she finally answers that! Then she looks to Ashe, considering. "I'll have Alex and Beatrice tell him the details. They were there, they might remember or have noticed things I did not. Though of course, you're free to share this with him as well. I mean, I don't see why you wouldn't," she says with a faint grin.

Gina watched and her large dark eyes blinked, though the tiny knobs atop her head stayed faintly lit. SHe was processessing a lot of data here, and to that end the grey antiquarian sat very still. She looked to them and seemed faintly torn between an emotional response to this and a technical one. "I'll call my cousin and see if she can tell me about it. She can go on at length about anything. Shouldn't be difficult." Says a Winter of pulling information out of someone.

"I believe you, Max," Logan says lightly to her, his gaze and his smile lingering for a moment before he turns to look at Gina. "Gina, maybe you can get Franklyn to show you that item. Perhaps it could give us a clue as to the greater nature of this affair."

"I know you do not. That is why I suggested it as a complementary skill to whatever you may have done. But if someone else had that ability already, then my suggestion has already been done." The golem doesn't seem fussed either way; Gisa's eyeflames shimmer.

Ashe nods to Max's answer, "I will let them do it." she tells her. She holds up her hand and Uvall dangles from her finger, his little jaw snapping for a moment. She whispers something in Gaelic to the hedge beast and then he goes flitting out of the room. Ashe then closes the book in front of her as she's done writing. "We'll figure this out. Hopefully without anyone being hurt or taken." she states. "Please feel free to take snacks and drinks with you. Or stay an talk amongst yourselves. I have a meeting very early in the morning. So I must depart." she frowns. She stands and looks to Max and then others, "Please be safe in your travels, all of you." she states. She had research to do!