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Where the Stories Gather

Do you have a log you'd like to post? A plot you'd like to make a page for? You're in the right place! You can use the buttons below in order to make a log or plot page. It will prepopulate with a template that just needs filled out.

Please make sure that all Log pages begin with Log: and all plot pages begin with Plot: so they display correctly in lists.

When making both, there are several categories that can be added, which help to display logs of certain types or for certain groups. They are all automatically tagged as plots or RP Logs, but you can also tag them as being for a certain sphere, a certain court, or even locations! You can find a list of possible categories at: Categories. You can also look at the bottom of the page to view logs by their specific categories. Please don't add categories that don't exist, and tag according to participants, not the plot's intentions. If you have a psychic in a thaumaturge plot, it gets tags for both.

Page-Making Magic!

Submit your RP Log:

Make a page for your Plot:

Note! These pages can be for player plots or just for plots you are taking part in, as a place to gather clues people find during the process of plotting plottiness.

Ongoing Plots

Completed Plots

Logs by Type