Log:Arc Welding And Grilling Out

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Arc Welding And Grilling Out

Etsy, Leo

12 July, 2017

Etsy visits the junkyard, and lo, there is Leo.


R07 - World's A Part

It's late but not -that- late and Leo is currently using an arc welder inside a small enclosed area. From a distance, it'd be hard to tell who was actually in there, Leo or Maddox, but as one closed on the area and looked through the smokey glass inside, it would be obvious that it was Leo, his constellation hovering at a stark concentration-colored white, his body narrower than Maddox's.

He seems to be working on some piece for a set, a large block of metal getting welded to an even larger ground-plate of metal, though the purpose for the two pieces is hard to discern right now. It might literally just be backdrop. Either way, Leo has headphones in, even when he leans back and sets the arc welder away, taking a breather and stretching his arms out loosely as he admires his work, headphones blaring away.

It's a pretty common thing for Etsy to come into the junkyard both intangible and invisible. This is actually how Maddox expects her to come in to the junkyard anymore, to the point where when he invites her over for whatever reason, he doesn't bother to unlock the gate.

Etsy wanders through the gate -- literally through it -- invisible and intangible, looking for Maddox so that she can put a dead fish on his head or something. When she discovers there's no Maddox, though, she angles toward Leo, instead, and gives the dead fish -- actually a piece of red meat -- to one of the dogs by dropping it in front of their muzzles.

It's totally normal to just wink into existence right in someone's peripheral vision, isn't it? Fortunately she knows enough to stay -- hopefully -- well out of the range of that arc welder...

The arc welder, fortunately, is not a thing that gets used to threaten her when she appears. Leo just leaps up suddenly, hopping back away from her with a whoosh of breath as he lands back on his feet. "O-ho-ho-hooo man, Etsy." he says, his constellation having leapt into a startled orange that fades rapidly.

He throws his hand up over his heart, smacking his hand over the 'Leo' nametag that's stiched into the left breast of his solid grey coveralls. "I was -not- expecting that. It's like midnight, what're you doing at the junkyard?"

She hops up on one of the side tables, or something, and settles down, swinging her feet in their tatty silk slippers. Those things always look like they're three seconds from falling off her feet, but never quite do. Etsy's webbed hands fold over the front edge of whatever she's found to sit on, and she shrugs. "Am coming to have a see of friend Leo and friend Maddox," she answers blithely. "Friend Maddox leaved for me a plants at house of Angelica, thought he would be heres." That's totally normal and there's nothing at all interesting or unusual about that.

"What is a makes?" Absently, Etsy pulls the mirror that hangs from her belt like a Ren-Faire-goer's mug into her lap. It's a vintage metal mirror, polished to perfection. The map case in which she carries her big mirror is slung across her body, as is the white sash that marks her a Courier. She's worn-looking, more so than usual, but not entirely run down. Just a little tired.

His head tilts slowly to the side at her statement about Maddox and plants. "He left you for a plant?" Leo asks with a few blinks. But he doesn't push -too- hard. Not yet anyway. Instead he turned to look at his creation and shrugged, "Oh, it's just like.. a big set piece to mount one of the bots on. I'm gonna cut it down and make little holes along here..." he says, indicating a line where small black x's marked equally spaced locations, "Then shoot some fire up when Mads hits the button." Leo says, indicating a giant, comically sized metal box with a giant red button labeled 'Danger' on it. He grins when he says it, shrugging, "The hope is it runs out of fuel or turns off before the metal gets too hot. You know?"

A pause, "You want some meat? I brought a buncha fish in from the coast, we could grill or something." noting her weariness.

"Um, no, he leaved FOR me a plant, he sometimes leaves on steps a plant for an Etsy. At first Angelicas thought it was for a hers, but he put on a note, is for an Etsys. He made me cries once, and I said flowers are a badness if are cutted and deads, so brings for me moonflowers and other pretties." Etsy absently swings her feet underneath the table, watching Leo and his work. Well, as best as one can tell, anyway. It's nearly impossible to tell where Etsy's looking, on account of she has no irises or pupils. "That looks like fun. And Maddox will like. He is a complains when not enough explodes." The corners of her mouth turn up just a bit.

"I always am like a foods," agrees Etsy easily.

"Oh. Wait. He left you a moonflower?" Leo says with a blink, straightening up, his constellation jumping up an inch or so in surprise. His eyes zoom in on her, whirring rapidly to enhance the size of his pupils as he watches her with a purse of his lips. Then he kinda grins, his constellation wobbling its way back down to its original position. Then he grins and says, "Man don't I know it. Half our sets blow up on trial runs. If I had a dollar for every hour of overtime I put in re-building a completely blown-to-smithereens set that 'went off just right, except more gunpowder this time Leo!'" his ability to copy Maddox' voice was -pretty- solid, but not quite perfect. "I'd have like a thousand dollars. Probably. Maybe like two hundred, but whatever. A big number."

"Yes, he is leaving me moonflowers, and before he is leaving me other flowers, but growing, in pots, so is not a dead flowers," explains Etsy easily, still swinging her feet. Her smile is an absent one, but her attention seems to be fully on Leo. It's tough to tell, because she doesn't have pupils or irises, but it kinda looks like she's looking at him. When he imitates Maddox? Etsy laughs out loud, a bubbly, overflowing sort of sound, and sits up to clap her webbed hands in amusement. "Is almost perfects," she offers. "Is very trues. We went for a swims to go look for a things he losed, it went into the waters, and we swimmed -- well, he walked under the waters, I swimmed -- to get it. We didn't find it." Her shoulders rise and fall easily. "When I have a many dollars, I will give you some."

There's a bright grin at her applause, Leo dipping his head in a sort sheepish way despite the grin, "I've been around him for a while." he says with a small shrug. Leo's attention is easy to follow, his eyes zooming in on things, and he's clearly watching Etsy. "Well that's nice of him. You planting them in Angelique's garden? Or keeping them?" A pause, as he stretches up, getting rid of the torch by setting it aside, and removing his welder's mask from where it was stuffed in his hair, distorting his constellation. "Nah, it's just like.. an expression. Or whatever. I'm gonna have the pledge do that for me though. Good luck with money, or whatever. You know?" he says with a grin. "Easier than trying to ask for a raise around here. What'd he lose anyway? Was nice of you to help, after the way he treated you." He walks over toward her, wiping his hands off on his coveralls lazily. "You mind if I change? I'm gonna like step around this wall here, but I've got boxers on so don't worry I'm not like naked or anything under here? But this thing gets -hot-. Or whatever."

Her smile is bright and easy, and Etsy answers, "I am keeps. Is for me. When we are to buy a farms or house for us all," because Etsy's just decided that's going to happen, or maybe that's yet another thing Maddox has said in passing or told her and she just takes as done, "then I am plants at house that is ours." She rolls her shoulders. "Something of a remotes controls." The mermaid is only vaguely interested in the things Maddox makes, and can't keep track of everything the Inventor tries to put together. "Oh, is, you know. Maddox is a goodness. I put fish on his head, he made me cries accidentally, we go swims to make up, he makes me a tank for swims... " That's not an insignificant amount of interaction. "And he give me mirrors. We find it in the waters, he made it shinies." One hand pats the mirror where it hangs from her waist. A dismissive hand gesture toward the idea of nudity. "Change is good, be comfortables. Is a mermaids, in oceans is everyone nakeds. Nothing am not seeing."

"Oh. We're getting a farm?" He asks, curiously, as he gathers up his regular clothes - a long sleeved track suit, a blue one, he wears it often. "I hadn't heard that yet. I've been busy lately, haven't had time for a thing." he listens for a bit and then blinks, grinning slightly, his constellation warming to a brighter yellow. "Yeah? You guys are hanging out a lot. That's cool." Leo says, slyly, unable to make the slight grin go away. "That mirror is cool as heck." He pauses, near the edge of the wall, "Uh. I mean. I'll just be right back." Leo, suddenly flustered at the suggestion that he get naked, disappears behind the wall, the rustling of clothing and loud zippers audible as he changes, calling out, "So. uh. Everyone is getting along? I was kinda worried. I got busy, I thought maybe Mads would like.. I dunno. I mean, maybe people would leave. Or whatever." Leo kinda sounds like -maybe- that's happened before.