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LA06 - Lake Brunsett - Eastern Fallside

The foot of the cliff to the east of the waterfall has all been claimed as a natural reservation, a rustic engraved-wood sign announcing that this, and its twin across the 'falls, are the Mrs. Coraline Fry Reservation, preserved for future generations as of 1802. Beyond the fact that a few of the paths have been graded for greater safety, and, nearest the waterfall, that there is a simple pressure-treated lumber fence warning people away from the slippery rocks they might fall down, there are no signs of humankind's influence.

For the most part, the area is rocky and mossy, with a fairly high population of wild animals. Mink are not at all uncommon near the water's edge. Climbers enjoy a few paths up toward a jutting outcrop on the cliff a ways away from the waterfall, but there are no safe paths to get all the way up. Still, almost half way is a fantastic view.

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