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Hedgespun Items

There are a handful of common misconceptions about Hedgespun items. This page seeks to remedy those. It is a companion page to the main FAQ.

If you are looking for mechanics, please see the basic Hedgespinning page instead!

Hedgespun FAQ

Why does Hedgespun cost so much? It doesn't give THAT much better a bonus.

  • Hedgespun is a prestige item. In every case, it would be cheaper to just buy a plain weapon with +equip, but those with hedgespun have the oooooh aaahhh value of carrying about a storied piece of armour, or a sword born of the tears of the sky. This is why it gives you a Social bonus.

Why does Hedgespun have a Mask and a Mien?

  • Hedgespun is made of materials from the Hedge, spun from stories and fate, with bits and pieces of fae power in each and every part. The Wyrd, as any Changeling knows, protects itself.

Do they have to look like the same thing?

  • Short answer: yes.
Longer answer:
  • If you have a hedgespun cloak made of starshadow and comets' tails, you will be wearing what looks like, say, a dark cloak in reality.
  • If you are wearing a pair of hedgespun blue jeans scribbled with ever-shifting names, you will be wearing blue jeans with, say, permanent marker scribbles (unmoving) on them in reality.
  • If you have a hedgespun thorny ichor dripping mace, you will have a, say, greasy-looking mace in reality.
No matter WHAT it is, its real equivalent looks more or less the same. Sure, a hedgespun shirt with gaping slits in the back for your wings may look like it has no slits at all in reality, but it is still a shirt, still the same general size, shape, color, etc.

Does the Mask for Hedgespun have to look dingy like 'real' tokens do?

  • Nope. If you have a gleaming light-trailing sword made of star-stuff to fae eyes, it is totally okay to have a sparkly shiny crazy-polished sword to mortal eyes. No rust, pits or scars needed.

Do I get to choose what it looks like?

  • If you are creating it, yes, you can choose what it looks like. Staff has the final say, of course, and may gently roll eyes at you if you do something TOO silly, but in general, as long as it isn't bordering on copyright infringement, the sky's the limit. Staff is not going to allow you to wander around with 8-bit Minecraft tools or an exact copy of Glamdring.