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H39 - Hedge - Slickslip Swish

Submerged, there is no air to breathe, unless one can breathe in the rocky, increasingly deeper waters of the cold, fresh lake. The trod is scarcely visible at times, currents swirling between a labyrinth of water-rounded stones, rapid, from the outflow of the thunderous waterfall nearby. Beneath the surface, the ceaseless drumming is a vibration in one's very bones, some of its power deeper than hearing, but profoundly -felt-.

The water here is relatively clear, all things considered, though the lake bottom, slanting downward, is silty and grey-brown. The trod is not always in contact with the bottom, though it does seem to hug it a ways, until the slimy, weedy, upthrust bulk of what would be glacial boulders in the mortal realm close it off.

The deeper one goes below the surface, the colder the water gets, feet and arms tangling in the slippery, rubbery, feathery leaves of various water weeds which begin to comprise the borders of the trod itself, lakeweed and various other plants rising from between the stones, visibility cut off in all directions.

REMEMBER: You swim at half Speed. Any extreme movements underwater require a Strength + Athletics [+ Equipment] roll. This includes attacking. Ranged weapons, unless specifically designed for underwater combat, WILL NOT WORK.

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