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H28 - Hedge - Fields of Gold

Between one step and the next, dark Hedge maze gives way to endless rows of corn and, when tall enough to see over the rows, clear glimpses of perfectly mortal farms, far, far away. Always far away.

Disdaining such things as obedience to Earth's seasons, the corn rows are a labyrinthine maze of greens and golds and tasseled ears all in a muddle over whether they should be new growth or Autumn's harvest. Row upon row upon row, while the path never -seems- to curve, several sections have been flattened out on shallow hilltops to afford a view of the tangled traceries travelers take to stay upon the trod, crop circles writ large.

Following the helpful -- or not -- hands of rudely staring scarecrows set amidst the stalks leads travelers past the occasional lazy cow, bulky beasts lazily flattening anything in their path.

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