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H22 - Hedge - Deep - Fern Gully

Used just often enough, the fern-lined trod is a fine one, barely worn into the twists and turns of the unnatural landscape. The waters of the fen give way to squelching mud and, finally, firmer ground, the air increasingly humid the farther down the trail a traveler goes.

Bright chirps and insect sounds echo amidst the tangled trees hemming the path to either side, tall trunks overgrown in mosses and strange squirms of roots from dangling epiphytes. Dangling hedgebeasts as well... Tiny, colourful, the flutterbys are seldom taller than the average human finger, their wings a blend of fuzzy moth and dragonfly. Their teeth are better suited on vampires.

Like the bloodsuckers of legend, the beasts refuse to cross running water, territories carved into nooks of the path by the swift-running stream splashing its playful way toward a distant rock formation carved by hands unknown, big bulging fish-like eyes and gaping maw with stony teeth.

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