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H08 - Hedge - Looptrod - Bloodsap Grove

Straying along the gentle slope of a rock-strewn mountainside, the trod winds through a maze of increasingly dark woods, glimpses of the summit's light above few and far between the lower one travels into the valley. Thick runneled trunks rise to either side, branchless until high overhead where they might catch a gleam of sky, but not all trunks are thick, and not all are unmarred. Evidence of harvesting can be seen here and there along the trail, taps sunk into the bark of trees which should be tamarack, unwontedly bloody sap collected where it flows.

When chance and fortune allow for the view, signs of small dwellings can be spied between the trunks, not too far off the path, Hob traffic heavier here in the grove.

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