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Fetch Applications

This page is a supplement to the main Character Creation page, designed specifically to help with Fetch applications.

HRed CG Mechanics

Follow these steps to be sure you don't miss any of the HRed mechanics for your Fetch. Please read the section on fetch creation starting on CtL p.251, and AN p.98 onward for additional details.

Not meant for players who intend to live long, productive lives.
Most fetch stories will end in death. Have fun while you can!

Step #1

Go through CG as if you were a mortal. Assign your dots, choose your skills, attributes, etc.

Step #2

Add your supernatural template.

  • Fetches cannot use Contracts.
  • Fetches cannot craft a pledge.
  • Fetches cannot have Court Mantles (but can have Goodwill).
  • Fetches DO have Wyrd 1 by default, just like Changelings.
  • Fetches' Wyrd scores always match their Changeling's score.
If you have a PC Changeling, please be aware of this.
Your Wyrd may not exceed 5. See the Fetches page for why.
  • Fetches have Integrity, not Clarity.
  • Fetches automatically gain the 'Attuned to the Wyrd' Echo.
  • Fetches gain one free Echo per dot of Wyrd 'their' Changeling has.
Staff is allowing you to purchase additional Echoes at 'Dots x 6'. Your dots in Echoes should roughly equal 'your' Changeling's dots in Contracts.
  • Decide which Material you are primarily made of (Fae-Stuff, Flesh, Man-Made, Natural).
  • Decide whether you have a Catch. These must be approved by staff.


The following questions must be answered in your +bg during CG for you to be allowed out into the world.

Whether or not your character is ICly aware that it is a fetch, you must address all Arcadia/magic-related questions. That way, there won't be any surprises for you or staff later on!

Mortal Life

  • Where/when were you born?
  • How was your childhood/young adulthood? What were you like?
  • What is your profession? How do you feel about it? If you are apping in to work for another player, please include this here.
  • If you aren't a local to the Tamarack Falls/Fort Brunsett area, where are you staying right now? If your answer is "a hotel" you are probably in Fort Brunsett, though Tamarack Falls does have a tiny bed and breakfast, and many cabins to rent out in the woods.
  • Do you have any family or close friends in the area?
  • Why are you here now? This may relate to the question above.
  • What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun? Taxidermist by day, gamer geek by night?
  • Do you have any enemies? Anyone who would actively do Bad Things to you? Why? And...how do you feel about this?
  • Have you had any brushes with magic/the supernatural? What happened? How do you feel about this?

Fetch Life

  • Who was your creator? What was the Keeper's name/Title?
  • Give a brief description of the Keeper. What was it like?
  • Do you know you are a fetch?
A fetch made of an adult probably does. If 'your' changeling was taken as a baby, however, you likely believe you are human. You will also never have a changeling, since people taken as babies don't come back!
  • If not, remember, that means you do NOT yet have a changeling out in the world. This also means you do not use Echoes.
  • If so, how did you learn? (By default, you learn the instant 'your' changeling leaves the Hedge, but some fetches know before then.)
  • How human are you? Are you a psychopath? Fetches may well have several derangements.
  • How entrenched are you in the mortal world? Have you kept to the peripheries, a loner, or are you smack dab in the middle of things in a highly noticeable job/powerful profession, etc.?
  • Did 'your' changeling's family ever suspect you weren't human?
  • Have you ever interacted with the Courts? How/why/when, with what result?

Joining IC Groups

You are under no obligation to tell anyone that you are a fetch. To the changeling world, you are an enchanted mortal...unless/until a member of the Duchy of Truth and Lies happens to learn otherwise.

Remember, people in the gameworld ICly take a jaundiced view to fetches overall. Take this as an opportunity! The horror of discovering you are a Fae-created thing which only thinks it is a person, etc. etc., can make some excellent story. Grab those heartstrings and give them a nice big tug! ;)