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Age Requirements

The game involves and will touch on adult concepts and stories. All players and characters are expected to be, and act, at absolute minimum, 18 years of age.

The game is hosted in the USA, and very much prefers not to break underage laws there. Thank you in advance.

Per the book, Changeling characters cannot have been in Arcadia more than 50 real world years. Your human memories are what give you the power to escape Arcadia, and your memories of specific locations within the human world are what give you the power to break through the Hedge and find your way back. The world has changed very rapidly, and known buildings or landmarks may simply not BE there anymore to guide you home.

That said, staff is letting you stretch that to 100 real world years. As of game opening, it is 2017. Any "taken" dates earlier than 1917 will mean that your character has been out of Arcadia for a correspondingly long time, and is likely older, physically. See the age chart per Wyrd score on CtL p.174.