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WR09 - Tamarack Falls Overlook - West Bank

The thunder of the waterfall which gives the town its name drowns out all quiet things, conversations of necessity a matter of competing volume. Fenced off for protection, a long, meandering oblong of natural stone is kept clear at the top of the cliff, offering a clear view of the mountain river's rush to fling itself toward the land below, lush ferns thriving in the cracks between dark stones and mosses which cling to the earth. A few determined trees cling to the heights, wind-gnarled and not always lovely.

On good days, the vista affords a clear view down over ten-mile Lake Brunsett to the south, and straight past the small city below, the fort on its hill a more distant target, and much photographed in local postcards. The Green Mountains haze the farthest horizons.

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