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Communication Methods

So, you're the player of a Thaumaturge. How can you get in touch with other Thaumaturges for thaumaturgical RP? Glad you asked!


Thaumaturges all have access to +bbread 16.

You will not have access to the bulletin board until you have been approved by staff and added to the +faction Thaumaturge.


There is a channel for every Tradition, as well as a channel for Thaumaturges themselves.


  • Don't join the channel if you aren't a thaumaturge.
Exception: players apping in as thaumaturges, or asking questions to see if they WANT to app in as one.
  • Don't join a tradition channel unless you belong to that tradition.

Channel Type How to Join
Mortal/Mortal+ addcom <alias>=Mortal
Thaumaturge addcom <alias>=Thaumaturge

Apostle of the Dark One addcom <alias>=Apostle
Ceremonial Magic addcom <alias>=Magician
Hedge Witch addcom <alias>=Hedgewitch
Shaman addcom <alias>=Shaman
Taoist Alchemist addcom <alias>=Alchemist
Vodoun addcom <alias>=Vodoun


As mentioned above, all Thaumaturges are included in the +faction Thaumaturge by default.

If you are a Psychic who 'becomes' a Thaumaturge, you will belong to both the Psychic and Thaumaturge +factions, but your template will be changed to Thaumaturge, and you will no longer be able to purchase psychic merits without staff aid.

The following factions also exist, one for each Tradition. If you believe you should be on one of these factions, but aren't, please seek out the player faction head on channel. If you cannot get in touch with them, +request staff assistance.

Apostles Ceremonial Magic
Hedge Witch Shaman
Taoist Alchemist Vodoun