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Becomings into the Thaumaturge Sphere

Becoming a Thaumaturge can be a slow process, with much wooing and hinting and courting on the part of those who want you in their Tradition. Staff knows this, so they have tried to keep the "paperwork" as simple as possible.

Only humans can become Thaumaturges. If you are Fae-touched, for the purposes of human magic, sorry, you are no longer human. You're half-baked without the powers of either of your parts. Life's actually pretty awful.

Tradition Page #
Apostle of the Dark One SS p.81
Ceremonial Magician SS p.83
Hedge Witch SS p.87
Shaman SS p.90
Taoist Alchemist SS p.94
Vodoun SS p.97

It does not matter if you are a Psychic, or any variation of ensorcellment/enchanted status.

Please be sure to read through the section in Second Sight about your character's Tradition. A table listing page numbers is included to the right, for ease of finding them. Every Thaumaturge has certain strengths and weaknesses, and you should have a good grasp on what yours will be before going through with your Becoming.

Application Process

Every on grid Becoming requires at least 1 pre-approved PRP scene to be run for it. If you want to do more than one scene, more power to you; they can all be claimed for +activity and, if dangerous enough, for extra RP per the standard rules.

  1. Player of the Thaumaturge-to-Be: Submit a +req/thaum to staff including the following details:
    > Your new Tradition.
    > If a player is sponsoring you/mentoring you, who is it? +myjob/cc them to your job. (If you would rather be brought in by a NPC, please let staff know and describe your rough idea for what that character would be like. Staff will help you if need be.)
    > Who will be STing the PRP?
  2. Player of the ST: Submit a separate +req/thaum to staff including the following details about the plot:
    > Name of the player you're STing for (so staff knows!).
    > Plot summary.
    > Are you using any established NPCs? Which? This may require staff support.
  3. Both players will be informed by staff when they are given the go-ahead to proceed. At this point, it is up to you to RP out joining the group.
  4. Hurra! You've done your PRP(s). Player, confirm that they are done by adding a note to your +job. ST, confirm that they are done by adding a note to your +job AND including a link to the log. If you believe the scene deserves extra XP, explain your reasoning here.

If all is well, staff will change your template to Thaumaturge and you'll be good to go!