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Stat Raise Policies

The policies on this page are both derived from simple common sense (i.e. the limits of the human mind/body) and the various themes of Changeling and the World of Darkness.

The information on the left is common sense/theme. The information on the right is direct instruction.


Try not to raise a single attribute more than once a month. You don't go from being able to bench press 20 pounds to 400 inside of a week, and the same is true of social/mental stats. Working on multiple attributes at once is fine, but please don't jump from 1-5 all at once outside of CG.

No staff attention required.


Try not to raise a single skill more than once a month. See the above. It takes YEARS of training to become a doctor, or to become a college-educated Academic, for example. Going from Academics 1 to 4 in a few days ist verboten outside of CG.

No staff attention required.


Be reasonable and realistic. These help focus the broader skills, so you will likely pick them up more quickly, but you're still learning something. Do not buy a specialty in token-making unless your character has actually made enough tokens to understand them well, for example.

No staff attention required.


Again, please be realistic. Think about how long it would take you to learn something in reality. That's how long it should be taking your character to learn it here in game. You don't become a master of a fighting style without years of practice or incredible natural aptitude.

See House Rules/Merits page for which merits require which staff attention.

Court Mantle:

This is more wibblywobbly. Some members may never change their mantle rating. Others deepen their ties to their Court much more rapidly. Bear in mind that as your Mantle goes up, your worldview changes, and how you associate with everyone around you is different. If you haven't been RPing a reflection of your Court's primary ideals, you shouldn't be raising your mantle.

Include a brief justification of your raise. If you intend to LOWER your Mantle, please also include a justification.

Court Goodwill:

Going from 1-2 may well be fairly quick. Going higher than that is going to take significant, likely long-term effort. The other players in the Court will ultimately determine whether they believe you have done enough to earn it.

See the Changeling/Goodwill page for instructions.


You're signing your soul on the dotted line. It's entirely possible to go from 0-5 all at once, after you've meditated/communed/spent time discovering that aspect of reality and found the deals Changelings have struck with it.

No staff attention required.

Goblin Contracts:

You buy it, you got it.

Include a link to the log of the PRP wherein you purchased the Contract.