Scarecrow Ministry

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Scarecrow Ministry

Entitlement scarecrow ministry.png
  • Titles: Scarecrow Ministers or just Scarecrows
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Manipulation 3, Mantle (Autumn) 2


A changeling is chosen to join the Ministry rather than choosing to join. It's largely a secret, with only a few in the Autumn Court in the know. Once a year the Ministers go through the Autumn Court and if they find someone worthy, begin a campaign against the changeling to see how they handle fear.


Quite a few dress like the frightening legends they embody. Their mien often changes to make them more resemble a scarecrow. At higher wyrd, they appear more like the monsters they've chosen to mimic.


Most have a background steeped in fear. Perhaps their abduction was worse than most. Many have horrors that occurred before being Taken. But all are intimately familiar with fear.


They tend to be well organized, meeting regularly and even forming motleys. They band together to create and enforce new legends and make plans.


Bugbear's Mask (3 dot token) This token looks like a cheap Halloween mask. When worn, the changeling meets their victim's eyes and the victim receives the Phobia derangement with the changeling as the focus. The mask is seen as real flesh and bone. This lasts for the rest of the scene.

At "higher-than-normal Wyrd" (HR - Wyrd 6+) mortals feel weak/frightened around Ministers and need to succeed at a Resolve + Composure roll to even remain in their presence.

HR - The Scarecrow may roll Wyrd + Intimidation vs. Resolve + Composure once a day to frighten a Mortal (Mortal, Psychic, Thaumaturge) into avoiding a particular location.


Ambrosia Duponte

Ambrosia Grace Duponte
aka Ambrosia
Autumn Darkling

Gert Wexley

Gertrude Wexley
aka Gert
Autumn Ogre

Entitlement Logs

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