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Located off of Tamarack Road in northwestern Fort Brunsett, five minutes from the I-89 on-ramp, the wooden compound offers guests the opportunity to set aside their daily lives and step back in time to the mediaeval years, with the exception of modern conveniences like indoor plumbing. Trained riders joust for the honour of their Lords and Ladies, for glory, prizes and for fame, and you, too, can be a Knight. Visitors are given period costume rentals in their chosen House's colours along with access to the stables, the guesting hall and all of the historic culinary treats within. We'll see you in the lists!

Visitor Pass Packages
Noble Peasant
Enjoy the life of a mediaeval noble! This package includes the following:
  • Full access to noble costuming in modern sizes from infant swaddling clothes to 4XL.
  • If Knighted*, rented armour, horse and the opportunity to compete in the full jousting tourney. If a guest is not Knighted, for their safety they may not participate in the joust, but may still partake of the mounted ring-catch, sword or bow events.
  • 'Coins' with which to pay your peasants or trade in for goods and services. [5 gold, 10 silver, 20 copper.]
  • Access to the 'Noble' menu in the guest hall (see menu below Houses)
Muddle along amongst the nobles as a mediaeval peasant! This package includes the following:
  • Full access to peasant attire in modern sizes from infant swaddling clothes to 4XL.
  • A small packet of hygienic dried clay with which to dirty yourself in the filth of your self-chosen life.
  • 'Coins' with which to purchase goods and services. [20 copper.]
  • Access to the 'Peasant' menu in the guest hall (see menu below Houses).
Price: (Adult) $80, (Child) $40 Price: (Adult) $32, (Child) $16
Children under 3 get in free. "Child" pricing for ages 4-12. Adult 13+.
For those who prefer to bring their own gear to the competition, independent of the noble Houses, the following package is offered:
  • Access to the 'Noble' menu in the guest hall (see menu below Houses).
  • Access to horses from The Round Stable, or, if the prospective knight has their own steed, stabling for the day. Follow the access road around the edge of the feed field to the rear of the stable to speak with the stablemaster. Unlike standard Noble packages, Knights with their own gear may approach the stablemaster directly for their day pass.

* To be Knighted, all prospective knights must complete three 2.5 hour lessons and display basic competence while horsed, as well as three 1 hour lessons in foot-events of their choice (sword, bow). Experienced jousters must instead pass a basic certification which displays their competition jousting and equestrian skills before they will be permitted to joust using rented mounts. [Translation: You need at least Presence 2, Animal Ken 2 and the Stunt Rider merit (which has a prereq. of Dexterity 3).]

Jousting lessons include learning how to manage horse, lance and shield; how to strike at an instructor with the lance; full-speed jousting against instructors; how to care for your mount and its safety. Foot-event lessons include basic forms for combat, lessons in attack and defense against instructors, tips and tricks, where not to strike opponents, and how to care for your weapons.

Price: (Adults only) $40


Noble Houses
CoA-Soleil Levant.png
Soleil Levant Family

NOT ACCESSIBLE TO GUESTS. The current rulers of the Kingdom of Thislandia, and the hosts of the tourney's joust, the Soleil Levant family is young, but powerful. They often invite members of their kingdom's nobility to sit with them and enjoy the privilege of officiating the event.

Typically, King Charlemagne (NPC) officiates, with Prince Ruben and Princess Lilian assisting. His Queen (guess whoooo?) is often pursuing charitable works, and can seldom be present.

Their House colours are Gules (red) and Rose (pink) with Or (gold) accents.

Cymberburn Family

Usurped by the Sarcenils before the Sarcenils themselves were usurped by the current King, the Cymbers were kings of Thislandia once, and have never forgotten that. Unfortunately, they won't let anyone else forget it, either. Arrogant and prickly, most members of the family will challenge 'offenders' at the drop of a hat. They joust for money, power and the right to civilly grind their "lessers'" noses in the dirt. They seldom give their peasants leisure, and oddly, their peasants seem to take a perverse pride in how difficult their lives are. Their lords are strong, and don't bend to the whims of others.

Their House colours are Purpure (reddish purple) and Argent (silver/white) with Ermine accents.

Hainswell Family

A coastal family whose primary income is from shipping, the Hainswells are dignified in public when need be, but typically somewhat coarse, a sailor's manners (and language) not uncommon when they are relaxing with good friends. Sons and daughters alike tend to end up in fistfights with their relatives on a regular basis, tempers easily sparked, which may be why members are so often sent out on the ships to spend a month or three away from home. They joust for the good old fashioned fun of it, not to mention the money. Third or fourth sons can always use more money. Their peasants are well-treated, and look very dimly on piracy.

Their House colours are Argent (silver/white) and Azure (blue) with Purpure (reddish purple) accents.

Juliard Family

A family of country squires famous for their skill at breeding hunters (horses). They earn their money by supplying mounts to other nobles and by hunting the wild forests around their land. The joust, for them, is a way of distinguishing their horses and themselves, gaining the fame they need to rise from their country obscurity and make good marriages. They have a decent relationship with their peasantry, and allow them to hunt small game when they aren't assisting with their lord's hunting parties.

Their House colours are Vert (green) and Sable (black) with Argent (silver/white) accents.

Llewewyn Family

A very religious family, the Llewewyns have sent their sons to war for generations, taking part in the Crusades and distinguishing themselves therein. Their daughters, too, are famed for their training as healers, and are much sought-after as wives. They joust to keep themselves fit for battle, and for the rush of adrenaline in the moment before the strike. Their peasants don't have an easy life, expected to live up to a particularly high standard of behaviour and punished harshly if they falter, but their injuries are tended by the ladies Llewewyn with care and with respect. Consequently, they are fiercely protective of their nobles.

Their House colours are Argent (silver/white) and Vert (green).

Mellifantes Family

A wealthy family with an abundance of marriageable daughters. They earn their money by the vast flocks of sheep pastured on the rolling hills of Fantiland. They are a good and moral family and quite close to their peasantry. They even give them time to bathe twice monthly.

Their House colours are Rose (pink) and Or (gold) with Azure (blue) accents.

Normanni Family

An ancient lineage famed for its honey and its red cattle, the Normannis are said to have a golden touch for all things bovine. They are also, unfortunately, as stubborn as their bulls, though this stamina and their strong physiques serve them well in the joust. They have little ambition toward gaining power. For them, the joust is glory. Their peasants are worked hard, but fed well, and treated with respect.

Their House colours are Sable (black) and Or (gold) with Gules (red) accents.

Sarcenil Family

Ambitious and political, the Sarcenil family has earned its lands and fortune at the expense of others, whether during war or by impoverishing other knights in the joust. They were a family of kings, once, having usurped the throne from the Cymberburns, and they are determined to be kings again, not to mention wreaking bloody revenge upon the line of the current monarchy. Their peasants are taxed harshly and treated very poorly, never called by name. e.g. boy, cobbler, baker, peasant.

Their House colours are Gules (red) and Sable (black) with Or (gold) accents.

Thyrwick Family

Once a noble family to be reckoned with, poor management, the gambling debts of ruinously tipsy uncles and ill-fated marriages have humbled the family name. They retain but small estate, run by a bumbling yet genial lord. They joust to earn money and fame enough to reclaim their days of glory. Their peasants are poor, and few, many having left for greener pastures. Many more have had their lands -- and thereby themselves -- sold to other noble houses to pay debts.

Their House colours are Or (gold) and Azure (blue).


Available Menus

Note: Food requirements for those with allergies or special diets may or may not be available without advance warning. The cuisine is a replica of that which would be found during the mediaeval period.

Noble Peasant
  • Wheat bread (wheat) - White, soft bread
  • Venison
  • Boar meat
  • Hares
  • Rabbits
  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Fresh seasonal fruits
  • Salad greens
  • Wines
  • Ales
  • Fresh water
  • Maslin bread (rye, barley) - Dark, heavy bread
  • Pottage, Beans (oats) - Soup-stew with oats and beans
  • Pottage, Peas (oats) - Soup-stew with oats and peas
  • Pottage, Vegetable (oats) - Soup-stew with parsnips, turnips
  • Pottage, Leek (oats) - Soup-stew with leeks
  • Mutton stew
  • Mutton haunch
  • Black pudding (blood, milk, animal fat, onions, oatmeal)
  • Squirrel
  • Hedgehog
  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Fresh water
Established: October 2017
Location: R02

(20 minutes from the clifftop outskirts of Tamarack Falls. 15 minutes from downtown Fort Brunsett.)

Owner: November an Nua

The Round Stable

Gringolet - Gawain's horse
Grissel - Gawain's horse
Huge Yellow - Pasgen's horse
Hwyrddyddwg - Bwlch's horse
Kincaled - Gwalchmei's horse
Passbruel - Tristan's horse
Passelande - King Arthur's horse

November an Nua
Position: Queen Soleil Levant
Position: Knight & Trainer
Position: Herald

Common Rolls

Riding - Presence + Animal Ken
Fancy Riding - Presence + Athletics
Jousting - Presence + Strength/Dexterity
Ring-Catch Ahorse - Presence + Dexterity
Sword Ahorse - Presence + Weaponry Archery Ahorse - Presence + Firearms Melee Afoot - (standard combat rules) Archery Afoot - (standard combat rules)