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Punishment Standards

Every player is subject to the same set of punishments. This is explicitly designed to obviate as many cases of favouritism as possible.

Punishment Progression

The steps below are the standard escalation of punishments.


1. A rule is broken. Warn once.
2. Next: Freeze 3 days. Warn that next offense will result in being frozen 7 days.
3. Next: Freeze 7 days. Warn that next offense will be third strike, 14 days.
4. Next: Freeze 14 days. Warn that any further abuse of that particular privilege will result in that character bit being permafrozen.
5. If the offense is repeated, permafreeze the character and change the password.

If a player has three alts removed this way, they will be banned.

Breaking Small Rules

Three strike rule is in effect for these as well, but punishments operate on a lesser scale. Everybody makes mistakes, and it's certainly possible to break these in error. You have three warnings before staff freezes you for 3 days.

If you persist, repeating the abuse, the steps above will be taken.

NOTE: in most cases, freezings are limited to single characters. You are still free to play alts.