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Pledge OOC Policy

This page covers staff's stance on handling pledges, to keep it off of the super-spammy Pledges page.

If you want mechanics, or want to see how to +req/pledge for pledges, please go to that page.

+Pledge Command

This command is for reference purposes only.

No game system references it, so if you pledge for extra dots in a merit you already have, it is your responsibility to remember what you have pledged for.

To display a list of pledges to which you have access, type +pledges
(This command displays each Pledge #, Pledge Name, Pledge Type, Qty of Members, and Expiration Date.)
To display an individual pledge on that list, type +pledge # where # is the number of the pledge.
(This command displays the details of the pledge, in addition to those above, including Tasks, Boons, Sanctions, Duration, and the names of all players who are on the pledge.)

To reiterate, staff is not going to change your +sheet every time you set up a pledge. No worries if you can't remember what your benefits all are, though -- that's what +note is for. You can set up personal +notes, too. +Note code isn't oooonly for things staff needs to see. :)

Freehold Pledge Exception

There is one glaring exception to this policy, and that is the Freehold pledge.

At the time of this writing there are 75 PC members in the Freehold. If you check +pledge 2, you will see a lot of names.

To avoid having 75+ lines show up every single time any one of you checks the pledge, staff has made an exception to the 'Nothing On Your +Sheet' policy.

Don't have a pledge set up yet? Don't understand what that means? See below:

Ordinarily, each and every one of those names would have a completely separate line entry in the list under Boons.

Jane Doe: Adroitnesses x3 (+3): Crafts, Survival, Weaponry
John Smith: Adroitnesses x3 (+3): Expression, Persuasion, Subterfuge
That Guy: Adroitnesses x3 (+3): Computer, Science, Occult
The Dude: Adroitnesses x3 (+3): Athletics, Brawl, Stealth

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

This is how pledges are written, because each individual person in the pledge has the option to get boons which are different from every other person in the pledge.

As you can imagine, row upon row of that would proooobably scroll your screen a good three or four times before it stopped.



Freehold Pledge Policy

  • If you app in as part of the Freehold:
  1. Include your Adroitnesses in your app +myjob.
  2. Set a +note on yourself listing the three skills you are taking the Freehold Adroitnesses in.
Staff will set your Freehold Adroitnesses on your +sheet in the Specialty section.
To apply your Adroitness to a roll, you can thereafter type it as: +roll wyrd+crafts.adroitness or, if you are applying another specialty, simply add it as a +1 and explain to the others in the scene that you have an adroitness. If they don't believe you, you can +note/prove it to them.
If you forget, no worries. Staff will still approve you without it, but your job will need to be answered before they will close it out and stop nagging you. ;)
  • If you join the Freehold later:
  1. Include your Adroitnesses in the +myjob you create asking to join.
  2. Set a +note on yourself listing the three skills you are taking the Freehold Adroitnesses in.
Staff will add your Adroitnesses to your +sheet and expect you to +note yourself as above.
You may go ahead and RP being part of the Freehold whether or not you are on the +pledge/+faction yet.