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OT08 - Outer Tamarack - Orchard Lane

Once upon a time, Orchard Lane was famous through the county for the bountiful apple orchards for which the street was initially named. At the head of this much-changed road, a monument stands, containing pictures behind glass and an engraved explanation upon a bronze plaque. The colour picture depicts the road passing through an avenue of trees in early spring, the pink-white of apple blossoms bowing down the branches under their weight, turning the stretch of road into what looked like a fairyland. Postcards can still be bought with that image, in fact. All of that changed in the great fire of '76, a blaze that ravaged the orchards and burned them to the ground. A few apple trees can still be found, occasional survivors of the blaze plus some that have begun to regrow, but for the most part, there is only one or two per property.

Orchard Lane continues to bear the name, though, and has become something of a residential area, though the plots of land are still mostly large enough to indicate their former status as orchard farms. To the northeast, Orchard Lane ends, turning into Greenfield Road as it turns a sharp bend.

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