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MN09 - Mischance Mine - Glasswater Cavern

Carved by nature, not man, the cavern here is a roughly oval shape half as long as the average football field, emphasis on rough, with an entrance to the mine at the far western end. Very little has been touched by the miners, many of its natural formations left to grow in the dark silence of their underground birthplace, and grow they have, slow millimeter by millimeter, stalactites and stalagmites hanging overhead and sheeting slick paths underfoot.

At its highest point some three man-heights away, a more persistent drip has worn a low pool down into the stone, though swimmers would find it both very cold and very shallow, not to mention full of occasionally sharp stone growths.

Half-hidden on the far southeastern side, a tunnel has been boarded up with very, very old-fashioned nails, cold iron -- and something, not too many years ago, has broken through those boards, splinters still young enough to catch at those who pass them.

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