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The one with the broken laptop

Walter Charlie Widget Damion Darius as ST

4 November, 2018



Items are acquired: A Walter, a laptop, a Widget, and a Damion. Charlie's settled on a work table near a partially filigree carved horse skull, using a fingernail file to make sure the very tippy tip of her claws is extra sharp and pricky.

Waiting for people to gather up, the fried laptop on the table next to her.

Walter also has gathered items. A gallon of OJ and a sack of McDonald's cheeseburgers. Very important. And he has new clothes. Jeans and a black hoodie with battered leather work boots. He leans over the table after setting the sack down. "I do not think it can be salvaged."

Seated at the table, Damion is leaned back in his chair watching the others. His eyes shift to the laptop. "I don't know anything about computers. I think it's possible to recover some data from even badly damaged ones. But I have no idea how." He came to provide... well, a ride to Widget since his only real skills are punching things.

Widget is on Damion's lap, leeching his ambient warmth. She's got the laptop in /her/ lap, looking it over. She's got that serious look about her. Hm. "Magic." Blunt and honest. She could fix this.

-> >> Widget to Here << <-============================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 1 1 5 8 >

====================================-> >> Wits + Wyrd [No Flags] << <-

-> >> Widget to Here << <-============================================

   Rolled 3 Successes 
   < 2 3 5 5 5 8 9 10 >

==============================-> >> Crafts + Wyrd + 1 [No Flags] << <-

Lots of summer warmth, between Walter and Damion. "Trust in the Widget and we'll see what we can get. I'd like to stop this prick before he can kill again. I don't have much hope that Frank's family isn't dog food right now."

"We can hope." Says Walter as he unwraps a burger and takes a bite. "If I was going to do it, I would have already killed them. Well, if I could lie about them being alive. But no loose ends." Practical. He stuffs the entire burger in his gouse and shrugs. The mouthfull of food muffles what he says next too much to be understood.

Damion DOES provide a lot of that. More than ever lately. He watches Widget go about her gremlin business, absently scratching her side as he does. He nods over to Charlie. "He sounds like a crazy bastard. I'm curious to find out if he's human or not." The practicality of Walter gets a briefly raised eyebrow, but he doesn't seem inclined to disagree with the other Summer.

Well, /somebody/ wrecked this thing up. Keys are mostly ruined, hard drive is nearly toast, screen is cracked and scratched, etc. Still, Widget has some old scraps of older laptops and some assorted bits of wire and whatnot. Couple that with a healthy dose of magic and she actually manages to get it to boot up. Widget looks calm and focused, almost serene, picking and fixing and smacking things into place. It takes a bit, but when it pings and light gleams through the spidery screen, she smiles and looks up with a satisfied huff. .../Worryingly/ satisfied. "Fixed it. A little. Has a video. Hopping off of the dragon's lap, she sets the device on a crate and starts it up. Sitting next to it, she fishes out a burger as a reward.

The screen flickers to life, and a video starts to play, it is a odd the color is off, like someone is using a snapchat, or some other video program, a man is stand there all in black, his eyes glowing red."Hello there, I have a deal to make with you, and it is simply this, in three days 4 kids, will be in a warehouse." The eyes change now to purple, as he takes little bits of rainbow, are falling out of his mouth, with each word, and at the bottom of the screen, they form the words, to make sure nothing is missed, bright glowing neon."Now then, you will drive me there, and I will be in your trunk, of a car you will not see me rule 1, and rule 2 is you will setup the camera for me, and then you will sit there waiting, till I call you to go, that is all if you fail." The words are turning at this point a bright red, and then they slide off the screen in a blood drips, as the camera is moved, two people can be seen now, one a girl a little over 18, and a woman, both of them tied to a bed, each fully dressed, above them is a large blade that seems to be made to come down, to slice, to tear."They will be hamburger, which will be sold."

Charlie blinks when Widget actually gets the thing working, shifting to lean and get a better look at it. "... Oh. Oh that motherfucker." Anger flares in the Beast and she bares her sharp teeth in a silent snarl before chuffing. "He was in the trunk. We didn't look in the trunk. We got stuck on Frank and his family and how he was coerced into driving the guy. /Fuck/!"

It really is a good thing that Widget likes collecting random scraps of everything she can. It's helpful in cases like this. Damion watches the little gremlin as she puts together the laptop, at least for now. He gives her a pat when she gets it going, then turns to watch as she sets it up and starts the video. His brow raises as he watches. Odd effects, but it doesn't mean anything. Since even if he was a Lost it wouldn't show up on the video. "Is it just me, or is this plan kind of convoluted? Does he just not like driving? I mean, if he's in the trunk the guy could just back into something really hard and crush him."

Widget looks down at the burger she's got a mouthful of, then the screen. Burger. Screen. Burger. Screen. Shrug. Nom. "Shold wheh?" Not this place, surely. Probably. ...It was a really good burger.

"Now then, if you obey me, I will free them, and I will give you 5,000 dollars, and you will be the winner of the game." The voice starts now, with a little chuckle, as he looks right at the camera again."You signed up, and they signed up as well, from my site. You know the risks, you signed the rights, to play the murder game, now then.....it has started." His voice is soft, for a moment with a little chuckle, with a wicked wide smile, now the teeth are sharp now, and the words doing the blood thing still, as he waves his hand now."The winner take all, I shall take what I wish, and if you win the money is yours, yours, yours my dear friend." The words are soft now, and then it goes black, there is a symbol of a money bag, dripping blood, and money flying into it, under this is something barely readable.

Wood creaking and trying to not break can be heard while the video plays. Walter's hand grips the edge of the table tightly as he listens. "I checked the wrong thing." He looks at the laptop and his head hangs a bit. "I wonder where we can sign up. If we ate forced to meet this guy in some way..." Another burger is munched, followed by OJ. "He did say I was on his list."

"He's probably laughing." Charlie grumps, shaking her head. "Wij, do you think you can hunt up this website this guy is talking about?I bet it'd be somewhere in the history on that poor thing."

Damion furrows his brows as he listens to the rest of the video. "Jesus. How desperate were they, that they were willing to kill somebody for five thousand dollar." He shakes his head slightly. "Or I suppose they might have been doing it for the excitement... nothing says they're not twisted too." The world really is messed up. He glances over at Walter. "I wonder what he'd do, if it was somebody who doesn't have family to abduct and threaten." He glances over at Charlie, his eyebrows twitching some. Widget. On the internet. Dear god.

. . Widget can use the internets!? Oh yay! THe gremlin looks extremely excited, going to try and loot the history on that poor battered laptop. Maybe search some stuff while she's there. A little. For reasons. Yes. Reasons.

-> >> Widget to Here << <-============================================

   Rolled 4 Successes 
   < 2 3 5 5 6 9 10 10 10 >

=================================-> >> Wits + Computer [No Flags] << <-

Walter stand up, grabs the edge of the table woth both hands. It lefts up quickly but stips just as fast. Only a few inches from.the geound before he drips it back down with a frustrated growl. "I am going to feed him to a pack of briar wolves!"

. . Charlie eyes Walter, but leaves him be for now, watching Widget get an Education. Oh this is gonna be good! . . Damion sighs and rubs his face with a hand as Widget starts to work on the computer. He's dreaded this day. He keeps an eye on what she's doing just in case she starts to go somewhere that would be too traumatizing. He does keep half an eye on Walter and the others though. Yeah. This whole thing seems unpleasent as hell.

Widget taps away, delving into the search history. Oh. Lots of really weird stuff she didn't know about. Ummmm.. Click. No. Click. No. Click. No. Click. No. Click. N-*sex noises everywhere* N-No... Coloring and going wide-eyed, Widget stares for a few minutes before keeping on her task. Almost all of these places where broken or weird and she didn't know what to do with them. Internetting was /hard/. Eventually she find a busted one that loosk kind of important, fiddling about until it pops back to life. Somebody...wrote it down? But like...you could do stuff with it still? "Found this?" A pop-up, promising lots of money.

The sound of a soft voice can be heard on this page, and it is too low to be heard, through the broken speakers, and then a face appears."Hello, Hello to those in the cyber of space, and it is the game master back again, to promote this new contest. The last three went so swimmingly, and you saw the video of the winner, and his new home, and all that money, but this time the stakes are higher, and the game will be 15 people, instead of the normal 3, and now we will start the countdown till game time, now then submit your name, and your email, and your number, and you if picked will get a call, or an email for a follow up interview."

Nope. Nope. Nope. Walter has had his lesson on the interwebs before. It's not a place for him. He doesn't even have to see it for his cheeks to flush when the sex noises start. "Um...um...not....um....that....not...." He wavrs a hand at the computer. He turns his heas to look when Widget gets to the right place. "Anyone want to bet that it is about us?"

Charlie considers, then writes down a throw away email she keeps for spam, her phone number, name and such for Widget. "Here, put these in. I don't have family to lose. Well. They're all in the pen for growing weed a while back." Go, go, gadget stupid reasons to go to jail.

The website is just a mirror, saved in the memory, and as the info is submitted, the computer goes dark, and the website crashed. The video is there of course for re-watching, but it seems there are no way forward at the moment, they have a few things to follow up on, but nothing in stone yet.