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Lolly hires Charlotte

Lolly and Charlotte

3 April, 2018

Lolly hires Charlotte to work at The Plank!


The Plank

The club is about as clean as it ever gets, which is to say, the aroma of alcohol and often unwashed humanity has been smothered in artificial lemon, blending oddly with the 'seaside' air fresheners' salty seaweed. Nothing is going to bring a polish to THIS floor. A few employees are wandering around, refilling salt shakers or making sure that there are plenty of napkins at each table.

At a place like this, napkins are priceless...

Lolly herself, forewarned of a potential applicant, perches by the small bar to await her arrival.

Charlotte steps into the place with a little look around the room and a soft huh escapes her lips before she turns her attention back towards the bar, and the perching Lolly upon it. She starts her way over and flashes a smile, "Hey there, I'm Charlotte." She introduces herself, offering out a hand once she nears.

Unfamiliar woman? Check. Looks about the same height she is, though much more elfy. Lolly, very much on the "this person is part plant" side of the mien equation, smiles at Charlotte and slides down from her seat to accept the hand. The faint traces of shy greenery which -had- been peeping out and about in her vicinity are quite thoroughly overwhelmed by Charlotte's stronger Mantle, but the sweet-sharp scent of lily of the valley remains strong. Unsurprising, given the flowers growing out of the 'pirate' Captain's flipping head. "Hi! I'm Lolly. Captain Lolly, here, which is absolutely as ridiculous as it sounds. Which job were you interested in applying for?"

"Well, nice to meet you Captain Lolly, and that's a good question, really." Charlotte says with a soft laugh, "I'm looking for something I can kind of make my own hours, and that will let me have some private time with people I'd like to speak with." She says, "I'm happy waiting tables, though I can dance a bit as well, from time to time, or special occasions."

Lolly listens, green eyes about as guileless as eyeballs can get. She nods when Charlotte mentions making her own hours, and again at the end, half-turning to gesture at the rest of the room, off toward the stage. "Long's you don't mind the occasional pinch, waiting tables and wearing something that shows off a lot of cleavage is a good way to get tips. People here don't have a ton of money, but a lot of them are older guys, you know? Sure, they're dirty-minded lechers, but they're -nice- old lechers."

The twenty-one year old quirks a half-smile, a little awkward, and points off at the employee area. "The cook's usually here at three, and the waitresses vary after that. Openers usually come at three thirty, fill salt shakers, all that. Napkins. Always napkins. Um." She thinks a moment. "Business doesn't actually -open- until four, and as far as stripping goes, the first dance is pretty much whenever there are people here to watch it, or whenever one of the girls feels like getting on stage. We stay open 'til two AM, but people switch shifts whenever. Any of that sound bad?"

"It's all about what I'd expect, yeah." Charlotte says with a little hmmn as she considers, glancing up towards the stage a little, "Which job would you prefer to see filled? I'm not looking for a huge commitment, but I'm happy to do some work in exchange for a place with this sort of atmosphere, "Perhaps one or two shifts a week to start out with, and maybe I come in on the weekends as well as I'm available?"

Nodding, Lolly laughs, a hand lifting to tuck some quite literally lily white hair behind one creamy green ear. "Why don't we start with the waitressing first? Let you get a feel for the place. I'd love to have another dancer, but if you're willing to do both, that's even better. It's all pirate stuff, mermaids, sirens, that sort of thing. We're actually doing another amateur strip night on Thursday, if you'll be around. Last time we held one, we didn't get a -single- girl on stage. It was so weird! I mean, worth it to see some of those guys strip, but weird!" Giggling behind a hand, she beckons for Charlotte to follow her as she starts off along the left wall of the room. "Come on, let's get to my office. We can get a start on the paperwork, and I'll introduce you to the girls. It IS only girls, too, other than Sam, the bartender. He's a grump, but don't take it personally. He's like that to everyone."

Charlotte laughs and nods her head as she makes her way to tag along after Lolly towards the office, "Of course." She says with a bright smile that she flashes at the woman, "I can put on quite the performance when I really want to, as well, so let me know if you want something particularly memorable." She says as she walks along, glancing a little around as she goes, taking in the place before it's full of people.