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Logan and Annabeth Meet

Logan, Annabeth

28 June, 2017

Annabeth is seeking a Waykeeper to get her set up with the freehold. Logan, said Waykeeper, does his duty as good-natured interrogator.



It's a nice summer night at the Wayhouse, and the windows are open. Logan sits on the couch, flipping along on an iPad while the Eagles play out of some speakers, somewhere. There is plenty of healthy and less-healthy food in the kitchen and in the fridge, something Logan (or Logan's assistant, rather) does any time he is working the Wayhouse. He's dressed in an ombre t-shirt in shades of blue, white at the top fading down to dark, paired with white 'surfsucker' jeans and blue Toms. Relaxed and affable, the Golden Boy's light shines out in all directions as he sits there comfortably, even serenely. Well, apart from those dark shadows that eat away at the edges of his light, like worms trying to impose blight on something otherwise perfect.

Annabeth arrives with a casserole dish in hand, calling out in her cheerful southern drawl, "Hello? Hey there. I brought a a tunca casserole in case anyone is hungry." Seeing that things look well stocked, she simply sets the dish in the kitchen and heads toward the sound of the music. Spotting Logan, she becomes wary, eyeing him up and down, sizing him up as she says with a rather more reserved level of cheer and friendliness, "Well hello there."

Logan glances up from his iPad and instantly offers a smile. His smile is dazzlingly bright and beautiful. "Hi there! Welcome to the Wayhouse." If he finds anything off-putting about her appearance, it's not at all obvious. He's looking at her as if she were any other normal person. Or normal Lost, if there is such a thing. Getting to his feet, he moves towards her to offer a golden hand. "My name's Logan, Waykeeper Recruit. Is there anything I can do to help? Thanks for bringing a casserole! I'm sure it will be enjoyed." The grin beams out again. Those dimples!

Annabeth sees dazzling beauty (with a few maggots around the edges) every time she looks in the mirror, so she is perhaps a bit less easily swayed than some by Logan's own attractiveness. She gives a curt little nod and says, "Well then, you're just the fella I was looking for. I'm Annabeth and I'm new in town. I've heard y'all are the ones to talk to about settling down officially."

To be fair, dazzling beauty comes in all stripes! Certainly Logan's is very different from Annabeth's. Perhaps the polar opposite. "That's right," he nods, folding his arms and continuing to smile. "Are you interested in joining the Freehold? I can get you to the right people, though I can't currently set up a direct meeting with the Queen herself. Why don't you have a seat and tell me a little bit about you?" He takes his place back on the couch and indicates the one caddie-corner to it. "And please, help yourself to refreshments first, if you'd like." He himself appears to be drinking a lemon La Croix.

Annabeth takes a can of sparkling water for herself, seemingly more out of politeness than actual thirst, since she doesn't bother to open it. Sitting down in a chair with straight posture, a lady-like cross of the ankles, and hands in her lap, she eyes Logan for a moment before asking, "What sort of things would you like to know? I've been free long enough to know how things work, and I'm sane enough I'm...not all that likely to become a problem. I've traveled quite a bit since my escape. And now I'm here."

Logan makes a gesture towards her with one well-manicured hand. "Well, if you wouldn't mind, tell me about where you were before you were here. Were you a member of the Freehold there? And I would love to know if you have any interest in adding to our community here. Are they skills you bring to the table? I'm sure there are," he says, very encouragingly. His voice is chipper and boyish, with the nasal vowels of a native southern Californian.

Annabeth narrows her eyes slightly as Logan tries to fluff her ego a bit, the effort seeming to make her recoil more than warm to him. "Hmm. Well, we all have something to bring to the table." She takes a deep breath and answers the other questions with a curt smile, "I was most recently in Florida. But I've been traveling quite a bit. Haven't settled down anywhere recently for long enough to bother with anything more than a non-agression pact, really." She considers, then adds, somewhat grudgingly, "I'm good with animals."

Logan seems to take it in stride. Anything in stride, really. He is cool, calm and relaxed. "So, you've never joined a Freehold?" He isn't taking notes, but you can almost hear him jotting that down mentally. "What made you decide that you wanted to join this one? Are you planning on staying longer than you usually would and if so, why? I'm sorry for all the questions," he says with a laugh. "I just want to do a little legwork to save the other Waykeepers some time."

Annabeth gives Logan a canned smile and nods, "Of course, sugar. You gotta do your job," she says, then adds, "I never said I haven't /ever/ pledged, just not any time recently. Was pledged to the freehold I first arrived to, but then I got a bit of a bug to travel." She shrugs and gives a little smile. "I'm planning to stick around for a while. Seems as good a place as any to spend some time. I've been feelin' like putting down some roots, I suppose."

"I see. So, can you tell me where your first Freehold was? If you don't mind." Logan's smile broadens and he takes a small sip of sparkling water. "And may I ask what brought you to the area in the first place? Fort Brunsett and Tamarack Falls are beautiful, true, but a bit out of the way. I find that's an appealing reason to come here for many Lost."

Annabeth finally cracks open that soda can, taking a sip before saying, "Wisconsin is where I landed, and got myself sorted. I've come here because I hear things are starting up new. I like that idea...Call it a pioneering spirit, maybe."

Logan's fingers tap along his thigh. "Mm, that's true, I suppose! We've had our share of ups and downs, but overall, I believe in the Freehold. I'm sure you'd make a suitable member as well, Annabeth." His smile beams out again, and the light around him grows just a little brighter. "Now, are there any questions I can answer for you? About the Freehold, the Wayhouse, the area, anything of the sort?" Himself? He doesn't offer that option.

Annabeth gives a little smile, "Oh, I imagine most of my questions are best asked after I'm official. But I seem to be getting around okay, for now." She pauses as her phone starts beeping at her, wrinkling her nose a bit and checking a message before giving a little sigh and standing. "I'm afraid I've got to get to work. If

there's anything else you need..." she pulls a pen and small notepad out of her purse, scribbling a number down and offering it to Logan, "Y'all can just feel free to give me a call."