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2019-03-09 A Garden Gathering

[Whiskey_Fry] as ST, [Haruki], [Poppy_Devereaux], [Widget]

9 March, 2019

Whiskey, Haruki, Poppy and Widget meet in the Stoneheart Garden


Stoneheart - Ruined Garden

      • IC Time: Sat Mar 09 12:40:16 2019 ***
      • OOC Time: Sat Mar 09 12:40:16 2019 ***

      A 4' tall humanoid tree of ebony interspersed with gears is busy here, toiling away at the beginnings of rehabilitating this garden. He has his work cut out, as there is much disrepair and neglect. Two stone benches are clear, and clean. Whiskey's skin has been replaced by ebony bark covered in purple-flowering poppies vying with greenbriar vines. The greenbriar thorns are larger than normal in many places. Elsewhere, the thorns have grown into 1-2 inch high artistic abstract sculptures. Small metallic ants can be seen crawling over his 4' well-muscled body to nurture the plants and clean away dirt or debris. Each ant is colored individually in swirling patterns of vivid iridescent color.

      Embedded at various places into the surface of Whiskey's body are gears, some connected to each other, some even turning. His right eye is a telescoping lens, while the left looks completely normal. His ears are large, pointed, and leathery with ridges. His fingers are extra-long and many jointed, ending in mechanical grips. Each hand looks like someone took apart gnarled roots and put them back together with articulated joints.

      Whiskey's mantle is strong, and not subtle. A brisk autumn breeze forms dustdevils around his feet. Riding those dustdevils are the shadows of leaves, each leaf folded in a differently crafted origami shape. The Wyrd seems to roll off of him with the breezes.

      Whiskey is wearing light leather armor, dyed dark green. He carries a strong bow, and a large quiver of bodkin arrows. At his side is a sheathed long dagger.

>> Wyrd:7 Mantle.Autumn:4 Goodwill.Spring/Summer/Winter:2 SM.WyrdSteeped:2 TO:3 <<

      Haruki's told Poppy some about this Hob King, at least what he remembers. He's a Hob, he's a King, there was a fancy feast where everyone was gathered, all sorts of hobs and changelings and amongst them Carter and Lolly. It was all very formal and fancy and the king wasn't excited by any of it. He was like totally blank and flat and grey like that movie. And they were told how he'd lost his heart to a woman, quite literally, she'd stolen it, and there was a prize for anyone who could make him feel again, but no one had succeeded so far. And the lady he'd lost his heart to, was called Crystal or something, and no one knew where she'd gone, or why she'd taken it, but it's just like Once Upon a Time.

      Oh and maybe it was totally fair that she took his heart since the King wanted her hand, and no one said she had promised it to him herself only that it was promised like she was a possession.

      Perhaps given the fact that the pair have had to travel at least some of the Hedge to reach the hold, Poppy isn't wearing her usual stilettos today, instead wearing a pair of chunky-heeled boots over her dark blue skinny jeans; a close-fitting tunic-style sweater in a seaweed-green sets off a silver pendant shaped like an inverted triangle, worn on a long chain. A light jacket protects her from whatever elements may be at play, given the vagaries of Hedge related weather. The siren has listened in amusement to Haruki's annotated summary, although the bulk of her attention and that opalescent gaze rest more on their surroundings than the magician's words. As they make their way into the ruined garden, she tilts her head at the presence of the other Autumn, then offers cheerfully, "Trying to fix the entire fucking place by yourself?"

      Haruki likes the hedge, - at least today - and he likes Poppy, and everything is good and happy and he hasn't found anything to stuff in his mouth - thankfully - or lick, and well the story's kept him happily distracted as he tries to remember bits and pieces. "Oh." He looks around the garden. "It's still like this? I know people keep trying to fix it but I don't think it works and it should be beautiful, but it keeps growing. Ian did some."

      A rake is sat down next to one of the stone benches as Whiskey stops, turning to look at the Haruki and Poppy. He laughs at Poppy's comment, and it is a full laugh, a deep belly laugh fully of humour. "Well, I find it fun, so maybe? I guess, if I have to be the only one, then sure. Maybe I can reclaim one or two plots by myself, we'll see. Welcome.". Whiskey smiles, wipes his hands rather ineffectually on the leather armor, and motions to the benches. "Take a load off. We're relatively ok in this section of the garden. No Gallows-Root here. Well, now that is. Still, always good to be prepared..."

      At this Whiskey takes his bow off his back in one smooth motion, and starts fiddling with how it is drawn, bracing it against his feet. The business end is actually pointed at him. He is humming lowly, and those with Deep Kenning might sense an increased flow of the Wyrd, focused on the bow.

Game: Whiskey has an "Artifice" Contract of 4.

GAME: Whiskey spends 4 Glamour with reason: Artifice/3 Blessing of Perfection

-> >> Whiskey to Here << <-===========================================

Rolled 6 Successes for an exceptional success.
< 2 2 4 5 5 7 7 7 8 9 9 9 10 10 >

====================================-> >> Wits + Wyrd No Flags << <-

      "Gardening is definitely /not/ my fucking cup of tea," the siren says frankly, hooking her thumbs into the pockets of her coat. "And the number of Greenies we have right now you could fit into a goddamn thimble. It's a situation." Poppy arches an eyebrow at the mention of Gallows-Root, then makes her way over to a bench. The humming has her tilting her head slightly, expression thoughtful, gaze flickerting to Whiskey's adjustments of the bow.

      Haruki's gaze goes to the bow and then to Whiskey. "What're you doing?" he asks curiously. "What's GallowsRoot?" The questions bubble out curiously. He smiles at Poppy. "But your name! That's a gardening name." He's teasing it seems.

      The humming stops, the bow has been restrung, and somehow it looks...better. Whiskey looks at Poppy and Haruki, and says "That is a problem, the lack of Greenies. I was debating joining them as a recruit, maybe I definitely should. Gallows-Root is a hobgoblin plant, and like a gallows it attempts to strangle passers-by so their corpses nourish it.". He pauses.

      After a moment, he continues. "As for what I'm doing, this is part of our magic. I have a contract with the concept of artificing, to a level where I can tweak a device of some kind and have it be the very best it can be. It's called the Blessing of Perfection. Now it's a much better bow, for a while. Let me demonstrate."

      With this Whiskey grabs a burl the size of an apple from the ground, and tosses it up in the air, high into the air. In one smooth motion he grabs an arrow, knocks it, and lets fly, attempting to not just hit the moving target but to cut it neatly in half.

-> >> Whiskey to Here << <-===========================================

Rolled 4 Successes 
< 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 9 10 10 >

=====-> >> Dexterity + Firearms.Adroitness + 1 + 1 + 7 8-Again << <-

-> >> Whiskey to Here << <-===========================================

Rolled 9 Successes for an exceptional success.
< 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 8 8 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 >

=-> >> Dexterity + Firearms.Adroitness + 1 + 1 + 7 - 5 8-Again << <-

      Poppy smirks at Haruki. "Poppy is a flower name; doesn't necessarily imply being a fucking gardener. And it's easy shit to remember, so it works for all my purposes." A glance towards Whiskey, then she elaborates for the magician, "Hedgefruit. And you have to actually put your goddamn head /through/ the noose for it to strangle you. On the other hand, feet and hands work just as well. Pound of flesh and all that shit." Leaning back on the bench she turns her attention to the other Autumn, watching as he shoots the bow. "Pretty fucking clean," she says cheerfully.

      "They need a leader," Haruki says. "Or they did. Do they have one? There was Ian and Isolde and... I don't know who came after or if there even was anyone. So not the eating sort of hedgefruit. Can you use it as defences? Or to make a whip or something?" He listens as Whiskey explains, seemingly fascinated. "Does it work forever or just a time?" He watches as Whiskey begins his trick. "So that's how they cheated at the archery contest! You're totally Legolas Robin Katniss!"

      Whiskey nods at Poppy in appreciation of the compliment, and to Haruki he says "Well, I need to start as a recruit I imagine. If there's not many there, and those are apathetic to the business of gardening now, then I might become high in their ranks. I think perhaps I cannot lead though. I would need to check with another Vizier, as I am a member of the the Office of Vizerial Council. We council leaders, but do not lead ourselves. There's a fair bit of wiggle room, but taking a position of leadership is likely a no-no. For instance, were I ever so brash as to try to take the crown..all my years would descend on me at once, and all my powers would fail me. The blessing of perfection usually works for an hour or so, though if done well it works until the next sunrise or sunset."

"It would be awkward as hell to try to use it and reuse it, but you could totally plant some in an area you don't want people to fucking bother you. I imagine once they're picked, they die like anything else so it isn't 'forever.' Of course, I'm not the fucking expert." Poppy glances towards Whiskey, then nods at that addendum. With regards to the remark about Vizier and leadership, she gives an ironic sort of grin. "Bit of a shitshow, yes."

      "Can you cast it on a person?" Haruki asks. "Oh. I've met Viziers before. They're all like super powerful, feel," he gestures "majestic and overwhelming and powerful and... cuttings," he says to Poppy. "Or try and grafts like they do with trees? If you grafted a tendril of it onto another plant? Or kept it alive. Or... things. Things things things."

      "I've heard of Gallows Root and other dangerous plants used as wards around Changeling Hollows, and they are supposedly quite effective. Do either of you have a hollow?", Whiskey asks, after a large grin at Poppy's 'shit show' comment.

      Poppy grins at Haruki. "Those are all reasonable questions to ask a fucking gardener. Which I am not, as we already established." Opalescent eyes twinkle at that, then she looks back at Whiskey, tilting her head, expression considering. "Possibly at some point, but nothing now," she says matter-of-factly. "But yes, I could see those being particularly fucking useful to keep people and other things out of a Hollow."

      "I had one once, a few years ago. A Hollow I mean. I plan on getting one again, perhaps not until I join a Motley, if I do. Only been in a couple of those. Worked out relatively well, though I've heard of ones that didn't.", Whiskey says. He adds, "Haruki can always come to me for gardening questions. Not a Greenie, at least not yet, but done a fair bit of gardening."

      "I can't really comment about motleys or hollows; I've been pretty fucking solitary until the last year and a half or so," the siren remarks wryly. "I've seen motleys that have worked well, and ones that rather spectacularly exploded." Opalescent eyes glint at that. "Makes you want to really consider that shit before pledging into it." Poppy grins cheerfully at that offer of answering gardening questions. "Much obliged," she replies. '

      This gets a nod from Whiskey. "It is always good to consider pledges before joining them, though as long as you do not break them and are careful, I think they are in some ways our most useful tool."

      Poppy nods from where she's settled on a bench, leaning back on her hands. Crossing her legs, she grins. "They can be; pledges and laziness are a shitty mix, though." Her eyes glint again with humor. "Well, depending on the kind of laziness, I suppose." Whiskey is standing with a rather shiny looking bow, as it were, and Haruki is nearby.

      "Asking the gardener," Haruki says, gesturing at Whiskey, only then he gets distracted by something, a fruit, a butterfly, a weird cloud, who can tell?

      Widget blunders in, having gotten entirely lost in her attempt to locate the kitchen this giant place surely has. At least she's located some friends! Widget makes her way over, dressed in her usual jumpsuit with nothing in the way of visible weapons. And no shoes. Truly ready for a foray into wherever they were going! This place seemed...really dead. "Hi!"

      Whiskey looks up as Widget enters, and gives her a wide friendly grin. "Greetings! How are you today Widget?", he says. The bow is meanwhile reslung on his back, and the arrow that split the apple-sized burl recovered and placed back into his quiver. "Feel free to join us at the benches.", he adds.

      Poppy grins at Haruki, then nods before looking over at the sound of an approaching gremlin. "Hey, Widget," she replies cheerfully, shifting her weight over to make more space should it be required. "Looking for some shit in particular?"

      Haruki's wearing shoes, so he's doing one better than Widget. But not by much, no weapons either. He does have a backpack that presumably has STUFF in it. Where was the conversation? "Hi Widget. How're you?"

      Whiskey looks around at those assembled, and says "I had been thinking of venturing into the Hedge to gather some fruit. I'm decent at finding the stuff, and willing to share evenly, or to as much as you can carry. I'd love company. Would you all be interested? Still on the loop trod though. I've heard of some Catseye Clover around Gnarlwood that should be good to harvest."

      "Okay!" Widget sits herself on the bench, swinging her legs in anticipation. She liked going in the Hedge! Well, okay, not /alone/, but that hadn't really come up yet. Time to get some fruits!

      Poppy gives a thoughful hum. "What kind of shit are you looking for in particular? Just those two things? I have zero interest and will be of no fucking use in going up against the kind of crap you have to showdown against to get a Hera's Pear, but some other shit could be useful." The siren arches an eyebrow.

      "I am interested in glamour fruit mostly, though healing fruit wouldn't be remiss either. I had heard of the Catseye Clover bed, which is glamour fruit, but we could look for healing fruit if you'd prefer?", Whiskey says, head tilted to the side.

      "We don't need any Hera's pears do we?" Haruki asks. "I want to try that clover salad." He admits. "But I'm not going to be of much help on anything and if it's dangerous then I'd best not."

      The siren considers. "Glamour fruits fucking work. The only other shit I might want is some Babel Gum, and maybe a couple healing fruits - whatever the fuck's in season. But I don't want this to turn into one of those grocery trips that never fucking ends." Poppy smirks, pushing herself to her feet. "Still, I'm up for it, although don't count on me to be of much use in a fucking fight." A glance to Haruki, then she grins sharply. "Since that shit that happened with Kip, no we haven't needed anymore of those goddamn things. And you do you; if you want to come, we'll look out for your ass."

      Whiskey nods, "It might be good to consider a semi regular harvest trip. I'd be up for that I think. So shall we set off? Is everyone good?", he says.

      "Ertwen," Haruki says. "Like mealy peas. They are not made of deliciousness." He nods at Poppy and sticks close to her. "Okay. Oh. Kip got ill and needed to be healed. I hope he doesn't get ill again."

      Poppy nods to Whiskey. "Good enough for government work anyways," she says easily. She looks over at Haruki, grinning. "I think as long as Kip watches his ass he'll be okay. He's not going to fucking relapse, not after the Pear, anyways." Hooking her thumbs into her jacket pockets, she tilts her head. "So. Got a specific location in mind?" That seems directed back at Whiskey.

      Whiskey smiles, "Great. I was thinking of Gnarlwood. Still on the loop trod, and there was a bed of Catseye Clover there supposedly."