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2019-03-08 Inaugural Movie Night

Inaugural Movie Night


Whiskey, Widget, Jenny

8 March, 2019

Whiskey an Widget form a pledge, then do movie night with Jenny



      • IC Time: Fri Mar 08 19:11:59 2019 ***
      • OOC Time: Fri Mar 08 19:11:59 2019 ***

      There is a large table, and on it a a 65" TV. The TV looks as good as new, but is a model several years old. On the floor is a mass of cables, and next to the TV on the table is a XBox with a DVD of Blade Runner resting on it. Whiskey is standing there, looking at the cables an trying to sort them out. Comfortable looking chairs have been arranged within the room so an audience can watch the movie.

      Widget is setting up the sound, a mess of speakers of every sort hacked together in to a rather impressive surround-sound rig. Her setup is messy and kludged but it seems to be holding just fine. The gremlins steps back, proudly surveying the work done. "Look okay?"

      Whiskey eyes the cabling, and nods in approval. "That should work well, nice work! Here is the wording of the pledge we spoke of." He hands a sheet of fine quality rice paper to Widget. The paper has careful calligraphy on it, in flowing script. "Pledge have a, well, load, on them. I did this one so we can get the most out of it. The sanctions are punishing, but only occur if we break the pledge, which should be easy not to do."

      Widget looks it over, nodding to herself. This looks good enough. Probably! She had nothing to compare it to. "Okay! Will do what it says. Yes." Nice handwriting, too.

      "Now I, as initiator, apply my will. It is writing the wording of the pledge into the warp and weft of fate, and accepting the Wyrd's binding into ourselves. You'll feel it, and just accept it, and then we are pledged for a year and a day. We can renew it then too, if you'd like."

GAME: Whiskey spends 1 Willpower with reason: binding of Crafter's Clique pledge with Widget

      Widget waits, closing her eyes when she feels the power come. "I accept!" So excited! She was getting stronger! She could feel it! It was ama- Oh, no. She was just really hungry. The gremlin looks around to see if she remembered to bring snacks, before remembering she totally brought snacks. Terrible gas-station snacks but still snacks nonetheless!

GAME: Whiskey spends 1 Glamour with reason: Contracts of the Hours, clause 1, to rejuvenate 65" broken TV back to new.

-> >> Whiskey to Here << <-===========================================

Rolled 7 Successes for an exceptional success.
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==================================-> >> Wyrd + Crafts No Flags << <-

      As he waits for others to arrive Whiskey keeps looking at the door, and then he sighs. "I guess we need to spread the word more. So it will just be us tonight. You ever seen Blade Runner before? It's one of my favorites. Pull up a chair!", he says, grinning.

      Widget plops herself down, shaking her head. "No! Sounds neat!" Someone running like mad along a razor-edge? Sure! Unless it was the flat of the blade. Then that'd just be confusing.

      Leaning over, Whiskey pops the DVD into the XBox and it slides in, automatically starting as Whiskey drops into a chair. "It's good, it's about robots."

      "Robots?" That gets a reaction, Widget cocking her head. "Like us?" The gremlin was much less of a robot than Whiskey, but it was close enough!

      Whiskey smiles, "Unfortunately, no. These are robots made with just science. No glamour involved."

      "Oh. That's better!" No cheating, just honest elbow-grease and tech-y gubbins. Giant robots with chainsaws incoming? Awwww yeah! Let the carnage begiiiiinnnn!

      Whiskey looks dubious, but nods, watching as Deckard gets a meal at a Sushi stand on the screen. "Umm, sushi, delicious. Do we have a sushi bar are in town?", he says.

      "Dunno." Widget grabs some popcorn, munching on it in great fistfuls. She does seem proud she knows what sushi is, at least. So multicultural. Much worldview.

      Whiskey hmms, "Have to find out. Hey, mind if I have some? So what recipes are you working on? Me, I'm working on a sleep mask that imitates the Oneirophysics dream ability."

      "Ooooh." Widget's eye sparkle at that, the gremlin clutching her popcorn closer. There was more, though. But this bowl was hers! Hers! Hissssssss. "Um. Making a sparkler. That shows...um." What was the word, what was the woooord. Oh! "Aura!"

      Whiskey's interest is clearly piqued, "Sounds cool. Looking forward to making one of those myself, and of course I'll help you make the sleep mask, if you want. Hmm. I'll be right back." Whiskey nips out to to the main room, in a quick search of his own popcorn. He's back a few minutes later, with a microwaved bag of popcorn an resumes his seat.

      Whiskey is sitting in a comfy lounge chair, one among a sea of about 10 such. He is eating popcorn from a microwave popcorn bag. Autumn's wind stirs around him, and origami shaped leaves ride that wind. Widget sits in another chair, also with popcorn. In front of them is a 65" TV on a stand, old but looking as if fresh off the assembly line. The TV is hooked up to a XBox, and is playing Blade Runner. The movie appears to have only recently started.

      Jenny arrives late, bringing snacks. Licorice and gumdrops and popcorn and also a stack of fresh baked pastries, in a picnic basket. The weedling steps out from the closet, ducking her head to clear branchlers as the weedling waves. "Hey, love. Sorry I'm late." Whiskey gets a belated nod, "Oh. 'ullo."

      Widget perks up, padding over to wrap Jenny in a warm hug. "Hi! This is Whiskey! A person. Not a drink. Yes." She points to Not-a-Drink, giving an excited hop. "Did a pledge! To make stuff! And this. Yes." Gesturing to the setup, Widget gorges herself on the baked goods before anything else.

      The newcomer gets a warm smile, as does Widget. "Hi! I'm Whiskey, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot." This is accompanied with a large grin. "Vizier, mechanic, custodian and Autumn. A pleasure to meet you." He rises with fluid grace and offers his hand in handshake in an elegant motion. As he does he seems to notice the licorice, and spoils the elegance, "Ooh. Licorice. Can I have a strand, please?"

      Widget pauses from her unending consumption to hop up and hug Jenny. "This is Jenny. My girlfriend. Yes." Quite proud of that, it seems. Widget makes it back to her beanbag chair, hoard of snacks in her arms. Awww yeah. This movie was kind of slow, though. It was a guy taking a test about turtles and- Oh never mind that gun is /sweeeet/.

      Jenny slips an arm around the gremlin as she pads over to steal snacks, leaning into a quick snug as she sets the basket, open, near Whiskey. "Ah, yeah? Cool name. Yeah help yourself, was just grabbing whatever seemed like American movie snacks. I'm Jenny, yeah." She ruffles the gremlin's hair before the latter slips off, "Nice to meetcha."

      Whiskey's head bobs in thanks and he takes on licorice strand. He takes one bite, savoring it, and moves to the Xbox. He'll wait until everyone's ready before restarting it. "Jenny, do you want us to rewind then? It's not far in. Feel free to grab a chair wherever," he says. On gear on his right side is clanking a bit, and he thumps it, whereupon it loosens and the cranking ceases.

      See? Movie night was a success! There was someone else and everyone had snacks. This was fine by her! Time to stuff her face and enjoy the cool futuristic aesthetic and robot people. With friends, even!

      "Oh, nah. I remember this one! Saw it in theaters. Bit of a weird trip, yeah?" If the gremlin doesn't resist, Jen will gradually tug Wij into her lap as she watches the film, nibbling on a bit of popcorn.

      Whiskey smiles at the two of them. Doesn't know if they are a couple, but they make a cute couple if they are. Since she didn't say, Whiskey just unpaused it rather than restarting. He resumes his seat as on the screen Deckard gets attacked by the female replicant Zhora.

      Widget's pretty confused about what's going on but it's still really cool to see. Looks like the robot girl was getting away and- oh. Never mind. She really wanted that gun though! Sounded like it packs a punch! Now that she's been relocated, the gremlin takes up the task of eating all of Jenny's snacks, purring like a motor as she does. Licorice was good! Always something new to be found in the Wayhouse.

      Jenny squints and tries to remember the plotline, shrugging and ignoring it as her vines wrap around a Wij in her lap, squeezing idly. "Seen the new one? Havne't yet."

      Whiskey shakes his head, causing a couple gears to chime as they hit each other. "I haven't seen it yet. Maybe that will be another movie night. So how long have you two been around here? I joined the freehold last year, but have been away until very recently.", he says.

      Widget thinks about that, unsure. She tilts her head up. Maybe Jenny knew? "Few months?" Everything was going by so quickly! Lots of firsts and terrible things and lovely things and things she still very much did not understand. Movies she could get!

      Jenny hmmms, nodding, "I think a bit under a year? Wij got here first. I've been out of the hedge longer, if that's the question, tho."

      Whiskey nods, "I've been out since 1887. Spent the time since all over the world, but mostly in London, Boston, and Tokyo. Fought in a number of wars, earned my way thoughout that as a soldier, doctor, or crafter."

      "You're really old." Widget nods sagely. It was impressive! She was pretty sure that was before cars, which was a nightmare scenario beyond imagining. Never hearing the glorious sound of combustion, the scent of fuel, the danger of the crash? Unthinkable! Might as well chop off a leg right there. To make it this long was impressive! Probably.

      As the movie ends Whiskey stands and shuts the TV off. "Thank you both for coming. We'll have another one of these in two weeks. And Jenny, you are welcome to join us for a Hedge foray to harvest goblin fruit tomorrow. I'm pretty good and finding them, and we'll split the the fruits evenly."