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Goblin Fruit Inventory Management

Goblin fruit, a.k.a. hedgefruit or Hedge fruit, is supposed to be a daily, commonplace thing in the lives of Changelings. Healing fruit is this game line's equivalent of a Werewolf's accelerated healing, or a Vampire spending Vitae, for example. It is common, and it is darn near everywhere. Staff has tried to reflect the common/uncommon/rare nature of fruits in our policies, and via the largely automated system.

Please see the Goblin Fruit page for specifics on those policies. This page deals with the commands, and serves as a cheat sheet for the +hh help system in game.

Staff's goal is to take the paperwork headache away from players (and staff) regarding fruit, how many you have, what you do when you spend it, how other people can tell you have it, etc. etc.


The +hh command database is an In Game way to access helpfiles specifically devoted to this inventory management system. While +help has a 'hedgefruit' option, that is more of a convenience to ensure players know where to look in +hh.

+hh stands for Hedgefruit Help.

This wiki page is not going to duplicate the +hh system. You will still need to access it in game. This page will, hopefully, give you a more easily searched method of determining which command(s) you need to use to do what you want. They are named as intuitively as possible, but there are always brains which have different wiring. Staff has tried to accommodate that!


By the book, Changelings can carry a particular number of fruits per Wyrd level. These fruits may be either fresh-picked, like a peach in a paper bag, or preserved, like a can of jam to spread on crackers or a pocket full of trail mix. If a Changeling can't support a fruit with the intrinsic power of their tie to the Wyrd, the fruit eventually withers, dies, or loses efficacy -- loses power.

Our system reflects that by separating your fruit into four specific inventories.

Supported Fruit

Fresh Fruit

This is fruit you have recently picked, or someone has given to you. It is the peach in a paper bag. It is juicy and fresh, and will start to go bad and rot after three days. It will at that point be removed from your inventory.

When referring to this inventory, the system requires the word: fresh

Preserved Fruit

This is the can of jam, the pocket full of trail mix, which still has power. For largely OOC convenience, since the books are vague, preserved fruit retains its magic for a year and a day, then loses power, moving into the inventory below.

When referring to this inventory, the system requires the word: pow

Unsupported Fruit

Powerless Preserved Fruit

This is preserved fruit you A) have kept for over a year and a day, B) have deliberately preserved, but not supported, as a store of spices/herbs to titillate the palate with exotic flavours, C) you had in your temporary overflow list, and didn't support. Fruits here will remain preserved for a further year and a day before their flavour fades and they are removed from your inventory.

When referring to this inventory, the system requires the word: nopow

Temporary Overflow Fruit

This inventory represents fruit you don't have room to support, but which is still too new to be expired. It is the only inventory which can contain both FRESH and PRESERVED fruit. All fruit in this list expires after one day.

  • Fresh fruit: deleted entirely upon expiry.
  • Preserved fruit: shifted up to nopow inventory. You still have it, but it no longer has power.

When referring to this inventory, the system requires the word: temp