Hedge Duels

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Hedge Duels

Hedge duels are a changeling's recourse to situations which can't be amicably resolved -- or the combatants simply have no care for the danger they are potentially putting themselves in for sport!

In Fate's Harvest, Hedge duels are a legal and lawful option, and you may be challenged to a duel at any open Court held by the current Monarch.

Attack Types

Hedge duels may be fought in three ways. The three methods may be combined throughout the duel at the combatants' choice.

Physical Attack

This is considered the mark of a simpleton and a brute in dueling circles.


  • Normal combat rules. Weapons, Contracts, etc.

Mental Attack

This is an insidious, cruel trick to pull on fellow Changelings, but it will only work ON fellow Changelings. In essence, the attacker whispers to his opponent, calling up memories of servitude to the True Fae.


  • +roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs. Clarity (or Resolve + Composure -- whichever is LOWER)
  • If the attacker wins, the defender loses a number of Willpower points equal to successes rolled.
  • When a defender's Willpower runs out, the defender suffers a -2 penalty to all actions until they naturally regain the points.

Reshape the Hedge

This option is normally only open to Changelings of Wyrd 7 and higher, but for some much-speculated and unknown reason, the Hedge WANTS duels to occur, and actively assists.


  • +roll Wits + Wyrd - opponent's Wyrd
  • If the attacker rolls successes, subtract Armor as usual. Any subsequent damage not absorbed by Armor is Lethal.
  • Defense does NOT apply.
  • Attacks are visually/thematically appropriate to the Seeming/Kith of the attacker.
For example, an earth-elemental themed Changeling might draw up rocks from the soil to fling at his opponent, or attempt to crush her between walls of stiffened soil like a trash compactor.