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H01 - Hedge - Looptrod - Evercaverns

The damp tang of minerals and crumbling stone fills the air of the dank caverns nearest the low riverside edge, green-grey walls streaked with moisture and, less palatable, the slimy growths which live in said moisture, mosses the very least objectionable of the lot. Dark caves and tunnels endlessly divide, twisting and winding their way through living earth, but the broadest path, signs of deliberate chipping gouged deeply into the weeping trails which wet its walls, wends gradually up, up, ever upward toward the unseen, deeper into the Hedge.

There is life here, cave beasts and Hobs which at times resemble the same, and the path is not without its traffic throughout day or night, though few natives bother the Gate at the trod's lowest point. The upper mouth is kept in far greater repair, carvings both crude and canny indicating the presence of the exit to the mortal realm within the caves below.

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