Fully-Automated Luxury Queer Space Communism

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Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism is a phrase associated with far left movements on the internet. It envisions and idealistic society where gender norms have been abolished to such an extent that there is little to no difference between gay and straight, and due to automation, luxury is available to all people. Some communities substitute “queer” for “gay” as it is perceived as more inclusive.

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      When two far-left idealists love each other very much, they name their motley the most overt description of their ideals possible. And then dragons come along and dragons are so awesome that they get to be queer space communists too. And then Pilar, and Pilar is just the best. Then there's Allen, the newest Communist, who wept happy tears at their amazing commune workshop, so he's pretty cool.

RP Hooks

  • Communal Living - They have A Common Treasury.
  • Finding Trouble - They travel to support the revolution. Which one? That one.
  • Bookstore - Yeah, they own one.


Former Members


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The Internationale


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