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EW05 - Wilderness - Wildwitch's Meadow

Tucked away some distance from the mine, a long, thin trail leads one to a meadow high on the mountainside, rocky outcroppings obscuring it from casual detection. An old fashioned wooden cottage, in good repair, stands at the rear centre of the little meadow, modern amenities limited to the fact that it has a single smudged glass window.

A small sign beside the entrance explains that this was the home of the Wildwitch, a century-old local figure of mysterious, not always positive note. The sign goes on to assure that both cottage and grounds have been kept as close to their original condition as possible, listing material substitutions where necessary.

More evident than history are the hand-tossed herb gardens, chaotic tumbles of leaves and, more organised, vegetables taking up much of the meadow's space. SOMEone still cares for this place. A small brook runs through grasses, easy access to fresh water.

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