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ER05 - East Bank - Meadow and Mischance

Away from the bridge footing just to the west, Cross Street's rebirth as Meadow Road is marked with a simple green and white sign on a post, and not too long after the change, the officially unnamed road up the slope of Mischance Mountain joins in from the east. The earth at the intersection shows signs of long occupation by heavy vehicles, tracks worn, scraped, worn in new places, and left to harden to a lumpy, bumpy pain in the suspension of any car intending to drive it.

Weather-worn and peeling, a bold wooden sign stands as a solid warning to all comers that Mischance Mine, located farther up the mountainside, is CLOSED, trespassing forbidden for public safety. A smaller sign from the Historical Society nearby directs tourists up the slope and to the right to see the old town witch's cottage.

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