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ER04 - East Bank - Riverside Meadow

Down by the riverbank, the grass is lush, the greenery at times too well watered -- don't sit, or you'll be standing with a mighty soggy bottom. Calf-high grasses and wildflowers sway in any breeze, the sounds of insects and bright calling birds a counterpoint to the splash of water against stone and the waterfall's distant, almost subaudible roar.

The river here is strong, flow increasingly swift and increasingly rocky the farther south it travels. Bright flags flutter from the base of the bridge, a warning to kayakers to take care.

For those of an inclination to go wading, while the water is chilly in all seasons, the bank is flat enough and safe enough to allow for plenty of splashing about, small pools cut under the turf here and there proving excellent fishing spots.

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  • River
  • Off the Beaten Path B&B

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