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In short: Changelings survive because they hide.

Look at human history. Look at what people have done based purely on the colour of a person's skin. Do you want that chasing you? Do you want witch hunts? There is a reason Ensorcelled are taken so seriously, a reason why many Changelings are wary of the clearer eyes of children.

Forget humans. Let's talk about your loving Lords and Ladies.

True Fae are more powerful, have more resources, and don't easily die (or die at all, according to some sources). Do you think Loyalists and Privateers aren't watching the news and tabloids for signs of Contracts at play? Do you think their masters or employers will let them ignore the possibility of new meat for the pens?

What about Vampires? To Vampires, Changelings are a drug, the emotions of their Courts a scintillant in their blood. The power of Pledges is not to be discounted, or taken lightly.

How does that apply here?

As far as the Freehold is concerned, if you want to reveal yourself, that's your business, but don't reveal that you are part of something larger. Keep it discreet. Pledge people to secrecy, or ensorcell them if you want them to know more.

Staff will be keeping an eye on the Rumors page and +bboard 7, and NPCs will respond accordingly.

ICA=ICC - In Character Actions have In Character Consequences.

Your actions drive plot!

If you want to endanger the entire Freehold and get the personal attentions of Loyalists or Hunters, flagrantly displaying faerie magic in public places is one way to do it.