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Becomings into the Changeling Sphere

We try to make the "paperwork" as painless as possible, but there are always questions to be asked when going from mortal (or minor template) to super.

If you are looking for an IC way to gain the Enchanted Mortal 'template' or the Fae-touched minor template, see below.

Things to keep in mind:

  • This isn't something to be done lightly. If you decide later on that your character just doesn't work as a changeling or fae-touched, you're up poop's creek. Changelings/fae-touched can never be human again, and staff will not retcon Becomings.
  • You will be required to stay off of the IC grid for at least 2 weeks (changeling), 1 week (fae-touched) or 3 days (enchanted mortal) on that character, to represent the time you spent in Arcadia. Changelings-to-be, if you and your ST are enjoying yourselves and want to keep your Durance going longer, more power to you.
> Mechanically, this means your approval will be revoked, and you will be unable to go IC or +travel.
  • If you are in a Family:
> Make sure you understand that Family's stance on the supernatural. The Alexanders are particularly unforgiving.
> If you play any particularly crucial role within the Family, give OOC warning before you disappear for your Becoming. Leaving people OOCly in the lurch is unkind.
> If you are Becoming into a Changeling/Fae-touched, chances are good you will need to talk with your Family members about how they'll be handling your Fetch while you're away. Is its personality different? Will it suck up to Great-Uncle Ned and get you stuck in deals you never would have agreed to you if you weren't away in Faerie-land getting yourself tortured into a half-plant half-man freak? Have fun with this! It's a great way to toss in future plot hooks!
  • If you were in any Pledges before your capture, your pledgemates will feel a sudden great vasty nothing from your end of the pledge once you are brought into Arcadia. The "you" they pledged with no longer exists. You do not suffer any sanctions for breaking the pledge, and may repledge yourself once you return. If you plan to leave the pledge broken, please send up a +req/pledge to staff to let them know you should be taken off of it.

Reading through the Changeling: the Lost core rulebook is mandatory for folks who have never played a Changeling in a game before. You need to understand the theme, and that's the surest way to get it all into your head.

Becomings are inherently dangerous, traumatic and never result in someone who can seamlessly step back into the life they had before. You're not the person you used to be. By going through a Becoming, you are agreeing that you understand this.

The Changeling: the Lost - Equinox Road book goes into various stages of transformation on page 105 and onward. Thankfully, time is flexible in Faerie. It would be no fun to get stuck off the grid for the SIX MONTHS they specify as how long it would take to become a Changeling for realsies, and we are expecting your ST to take the stretching of that time into account with your Durance PRP scenes.

Take it as Law From Above that your Durance will be at least six months of subjective time (and may be more if you prefer) due to said all those necessary little subconscious pledges with the Wyrd about, you know, water quenching your thirst, food satiating you, air allowing you to breathe, even if it feels like less to your character, and the actual real world time is only a few weeks.

Just remember: your character needs to remember his or her mortality well enough to escape back to the world. If you're there for centuries, if you're more fae than human (read: High Wyrd) you're not going to remember being mortal well enough to leave.

Application Process

Once you've decided you're sure about becoming a brand new victim for the Fae, here's what you need to do. First, find a ST willing to commit to multiple scenes in a <however many weeks> period. Then:

  1. The player of the Changeling-to-be must send up a +req/fae to staff. Include the following in your +request:
          > Your new character concept.
          > Your new Seeming and Kith(s).
          > The name of your ST.

    The player of the ST must send up a separate +req/fae to staff, and include the following:
          > The name of the character they are STing for.
          > Pitch a write-up of the Becoming's storyline, from start to finish.
          > Changeling: Min. 1 scene Capture, 3 scenes Durance, 1 scene Escape.
          > Fae-touched: Min. 1 scene Capture, 2 scenes Durance, 1 scene Escape.
          > Enchanted Mortal: Min. 1 scene Capture, 1 scene Durance, 1 scene Escape.
          Plot out the basic outline of each scene.
          A sentence isn't enough. Please give at least a small paragraph so staff has some idea of details.

    NOTE: If you are using an original Keeper, you must include an outline of that Keeper (their Title(s), common appearances, behaviour/activities, areas they commonly harvest mortals from, etc.) as well.
  2. Both players will be informed by staff when their +jobs are approved. At this stage, it is up to you to schedule when your off-grid scening will begin. Fae-to-be, it is your responsibility to tell staff that your scenes are beginning. Staff will not restrict your access to the grid until you have confirmed that you and your ST are ready to begin.
  3. It is the ST's responsibility to post a log to the wiki after each scene, and include a link to it in an update to their +job. Staff will award PRP XP only once logs are received. If the ST chooses to invite other players to play NPCs in your Durance, all players involved will be awarded standard XP.

    Fae-to-be, once everything is complete, and the final log has been reviewed, staff will confirm your Becoming and add you to the appropriate +faction/change your +sheet for you. If you are a Changeling or Fae-touched, you will not be able to purchase from the Changeling-only mechanics until your template has been changed. Changelings, your Wyrd may be no higher than 3 when you exit Arcadia.

Things to Avoid Doing

There are always some, right? This is no different.

  1. Same as regular Changeling rules: you MAY NOT play a Loyalist or Privateer. You are welcome to play someone horribly conflicted, and welcome to get yourself suspected of terrible things, but when push comes to shove, you are not a Loyalist/Privateer. These are antagonist characters, and are reserved for staff plots/plots involving staff overview and Arcade Ticket expenditures.
  2. Remember, you've been gone, and a Fetch has probably taken your place. You can't just hop right back into being Joe the Plumber. You're Joe the Plumber with PASD (Post-Arcadia Stress Disorder) and a secret doppelganger who's been sleeping with your wife and kissing your babies goodnight.
  3. As part of the theme, you don't really remember much about your Durance until higher Wyrd levels. It will only come out in horrible nightmares. Remembering a face here, an irrational fear of white poodles with rose-red tongues there, that's fine. Changelings at low Wyrd who remember a lot about their Durance tend to be threats to the Freehold, as their heads have been mucked with by True Fae.