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Bronze Beylik

Bronze Beylik

Kingmakers who are supposedly cursed never to be rulers themselves. They seek to select a rule that is best for the freehold, or become the secret power behind the throne.

  • Titles: Bey
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Politics 3, Clarity 6+


Some say that Beys are determined by fate. A hopeful changeling can petition the Entitlement for entry and then they are tested. A surefire way of joining is to find one of the bronze spearhead tokens that Beys carry with them.


Their bodies begin to reflect bits of bronze, from hair to skin. They also tend to have long beards or hair.


It's theoretically possible for a Bey to come from any background. Mostly though, they seem to be politically savvy, physically strong and with some skill in the social realm.


They tend to cluster together in an area. They work together to elevate their chosen ruler to the throne. The head of the order in a freehold is the Atabey, but is more counselor than true ruler.

Local leader:

  • Lincoln Hamm (NPC) - Wizened Chatelaine/Soldier


Bronze Spearhead This spearhead transfers some of the gloom of the True Fae to the Bey, sot he Bey may add his Wyrd to any intimidation rolls he makes.



Kip Kensington
aka Kip
Courtless Elemental

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