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COI (Conflict of Interest)

Conflict of Interest, for those unfamiliar with the term in this context, comes into play when one player has more than one character, and both alts interact. What is good for other characters may not be what is good for the alt, so there is conflict of interest in resolving the issue at hand.

In our case, as XP and Resources are a part of the gameworld, much less other, less easily traced commodities such as hedgefruits or borrowed magical items, staff feels the need to lay out basic guidelines.

Let's face it. On a game like this, no matter how careful you are, you're going to run into people you know on another alt. Maybe you have really similar schedules, or maybe you just click.

Rather than make a labyrinthine set of rules, staff's stance is as follows:

  • Don't interact with your own alts. Don't use yourself as a contact, don't use yourself as staff, retainer, ally, etc.
  • Don't buy stuff for your alts. This really should be covered by the rule before, but it's worth spelling out very clearly. Don't do it. You get a gazoinkingly large amount of XP to begin with. Buy Resources with it.
  • Don't have more than one alt in the same Family. Spread the love! Play a different Family.

You can have the same friends. You can live in the same house. Staff doesn't care.

Now, Staff has its own set of COI rules, and for transparency, they are as follows:

- Don't fill +jobs for your PCs.
- Don't run events for your PCs.
- List your alts, all of them, in your +finger.
- Your PCs cannot be King or Queen of the Freehold.

Easy peasy, right? Right. We're here to have fun. Abuse the COI rules and you won't have fun. Staff will take accusations of abuse and harassment very seriously, especially so if they are of a staffer doing the abuse.